Window Replacement & Repair in Anchorage, AK

Insulated Glass & Broken Window Replacement

Alaska has a unique climate for windows, we can be 80+ degrees in the summer and -30 degrees or colder in the winter. This massive temperature fluctuation creates unique challenges for your home’s windows. When “windows fail” this most often refers only to the insulated glass unit installed inside your vinyl/wood/fiberglass window frame. Window failure is most often described to us as “foggy windows”. Foggy windows are not only unpleasant to look at and can obscure your view, it means your window’s insulating properties are no longer intact and your furnace/boiler is working overtime to make up the difference.

If the window frame construction is still good and the hardware is still in good shape, replacing only the insulated glass unit is considerably less expensive than new complete windows. For insulated glass replacement and failed window repair, Replacement Glass can help, so contact us today! We offer both residential and commercial glass repair, along with commercial doors.

If the window frame is damaged or rotting, or if the hardware is failing, new windows are likely your best bet. Whether you need one window replaced or twenty replaced in Anchorage or Alyeska, AK, Replacement Glass can help!

Window Repair

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Replacement Glass uses Duralite

Replacement Glass fabricates all of our window replacements using Duralite, a flexible, warm-edge spacer featuring a no-metal, composite laminating technology that provides superior durability and thermal performance in insulated glass units. Windows built with Duralite reduce condensation, keeping moisture off your glass for a clearer view to the outside. The Duralite warm-edge spacer is designed to last for years, delivering durability and high performance to homeowners. To ensure your investment in broken window repair is secure for many years to come, choose worry-free windows built with Duralite.

Reasons to choose Duralite:

  • Reduce external noise pollution by up to 2dB
  • Reduces condensation by up to 70%
  • 40-year performance guarantee