Alaska's Premier Distributor for Phantom Screens

Alaska’s Premier Distributor for Phantom Screens

July 15, 2015

Replacement Glass Company, Inc. is the premier distributor for Phantom Screens to all Alaskan residents. If you are replacing windows or building a new house, consider adding screens to take full advantage of every window replacement in Alaska.

If you already have high quality windows, you don’t want your screens to disrupt their design. In addition, you also don’t want the screens to take away from your view of the Alaskan beauty. If your current screens are doing either, consider updating this facet of your home with the help of Phantom Screens: the most innovative option out there for Alaskan homeowners.

Take a look at two of the most popular types of Phantom Screens available to you and learn a little more about what makes each a superior investment for your home’s windows:

Serene Retractable Window Screens

Serene Retractable Window Screens retract out of sight when you don’t need them, to give you a clear view of the outside world. When drawn, the fiberglass of these screens protects against UV rays and insects. They’re also highly resilient and feature a mesh retention system, meaning the mesh won’t be blown out of the tracks in the wind.

Versatility is an asset to these screens and they can be installed on the interior or exterior of any type of window: single windows, double windows, casement and awning windows or sliding and tilt and turn windows. There’s also an assortment of colors to choose from to match your window frame as closely as possible.

Serene Retractable Window Screens come with a limited lifetime warranty in case something out of your control damages them.

Prestige Retractable Window Screens

Just like the Serene Retractable Window Screens, Prestige Retractable Window Screens will disappear when you’re enjoying the view and don’t need them and they’ll go above and beyond to match to the interior finish. While they can only be mounted to the inside of the frame, the screen is available in seven wood species to match the window as closely as possible. In addition, there will be a matching solid wood sidebar on the screen, which should complement the house and interior woodwork.

These screens are for all types of windows: single windows, double windows, casement and awning windows and sliding tilt and turn windows. They maintain natural ventilation and let in natural light, and are also installed with BetterVue fiberglass mesh, which will help the owner maintain excellent visibility through the screen with the protection from the UV rays, insects and strong winds.

Prestige Retractable Window Screens make cleaning a breeze because they allow easy access to the windowpanes: just tilt them to clean both the windows and screens! They also come with a limited lifetime warranty in case they become damaged due to an outside source.

Window replacement in Alaska—especially replacements completed with Phantom Screens—may be seen as an expense, however it’s important to consider them as an investment in the future. Phantom Screens offer protection, add professionalism and enhance the attractiveness of light coming into your house for a lifetime

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