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When to Choose Custom Glass

July 10, 2020

If you’re selecting display case glass or picture frame glass in Alaska, you may need to order a custom piece to suit your needs. How do you know when to order a standard piece and when to choose custom cabinet glass? Here are four common situations for which a custom solution is your best bet: Panel replacement: Any time you need to replace a piece of glass in an existing structure, you’ll probably need custom glass. For example, if your display case glass in Alaska suffers damage, you’ll want to make sure the replacement glass matches the rest of the... View Article

Choose Custom Glass Tabletops for Your Home

April 24, 2018

If you seek a new enhancement to your home, consider investing in a custom glass tabletop. You can install these on tables of any size, and they work best in your living room. This is likely the most cost-effective way to change the layout of your living room, and it adds substantial beauty, too. Here are five reasons why you should visit your glass shop in Alaska to price a custom glass tabletop: Matches anything: When you decide on a glass top for a coffee table or side table, you never have to worry about matching wood grains again. Many... View Article

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