Choose Custom Glass Tabletops for Your Home

Choose Custom Glass Tabletops for Your Home

April 24, 2018

If you seek a new enhancement to your home, consider investing in a custom glass tabletop. You can install these on tables of any size, and they work best in your living room. This is likely the most cost-effective way to change the layout of your living room, and it adds substantial beauty, too. Here are five reasons why you should visit your glass shop in Alaska to price a custom glass tabletop:

  • Matches anything: When you decide on a glass top for a coffee table or side table, you never have to worry about matching wood grains again. Many people end up replacing these tables when they purchase new furniture because the wood no longer matches, or it clashes with the new upholstery. Glass does not contribute to this problem. Instead, it enhances your décor and you save money in the long run. You can buy that new couch without having to replace everything else in your living room.
  • Adds depth: Glass offers the same benefits as mirrors—it makes spaces seem bigger. The footprint does not block off carpets or wood floors, so you can buy that lovely rug without worrying about furniture hiding it. If your dining room chairs have lovely new upholstery, a glass table allows it to stand out. This allows for greater complement to the rest of your interior design and adds more dimension to upholstery and rugs.
  • Improve furniture: You may have a lovely table with good structure but a heavy top obscures other features, like wood carving or unique pedestals. The top may also dominate the room to the point where it just makes everything feel heavy and off-balance. However, once you replace that top with a glass one, you can enhance the best features of the furniture piece and lighten your room. This is often the minor adjustment that helps you avoid a complete redesign of your living room, which can save you time, money and hassle.
  • Endless options for accents: Glass matches everything, and that also goes for anything you want to place on your table. Runners, lace, mats and other accessories will all work well with your new tabletop. You can be as casual or formal as you need to be, which makes this a tabletop for all occasions. But if you wish to keep it clear for drinks and books, that works well, too.
  • Easy cleaning: Never fear that errant glass of wine again! Glass tabletops are easy to clean using a soft cloth and glass cleaning solution. While wood or marble tables can be damaged with the spilling of acidic drinks, glass is resilient. Keep glass wipes nearby if you want an easy way to wipe up fingerprints and other common spots. There is nothing complex about keeping glass clean.

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