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Ask a Glass Contractor in Alaska: Is My Glass Shower Door Safe?

November 7, 2017

The outside world can be scary. Fears of violence, thefts and accidents can make even the bravest yearn to return to the safety of their home. You expect your home to provide a secure space, which is why rumors about glass shower doors can be frightening. The last thing you expect is for your own home to endanger you. Many homeowners assume a glass shower door could become a major risk if they were to shatter. Some even avoid installing them due to concerns about breakage. Luckily, you don’t have to live your life worrying about the integrity of your... View Article

Ready to Replace Your Glass? Here Are Five Questions to Ask Your Glass Contractor in Alaska

June 23, 2017

When you hire a contractor to install or replace shower doors and windows in your home, your goal is to hire someone who will get the job done right and leave you pleased with the results. You shouldn’t hire just anyone for the job, so it is important that you do your research to help you find the right contractor. Inquiring about the cost of the job, what materials will be used and looking into what past customers have to say can all help you choose the right contractor, but these aren’t the only things you should be worried about.... View Article

Tips for Cleaning Windows from a Glass Contractor in Alaska

January 27, 2017

Window cleaning can be a tedious task, which means it’s tempting to want to cut corners just to get the job done as quickly as possible. However, if you don’t take your time and do a good job, you could leave behind nasty streaks on your glass, which might make your windows look even worse than before you did the “cleaning.” Here are a few tips for cleaning window glass, courtesy of a glass contractor in Alaska: Use distilled water: Most people don’t even consider the cleanliness of the water that they’re using for glass cleaning. It doesn’t really matter... View Article

What Can a Glass Contractor in Alaska Do for You?

October 26, 2016

If you’re building, remodeling or repairing your home, you know how important glass contractors are. A glass contractor in Alaska is an invaluable resource who can do much more than just install windows in your home. Our experts do a lot of other work around your home, and can also provide a variety of glass-related services for commercial buildings. Keep reading to find out just a few of the services glass contractors can offer. Our residential services Window installation: This is probably the first service people think of when they hear “glass contractor,” and with good reason, too. Our experts... View Article

Six Window Design Tips from Your Glass Contractor in Alaska

December 1, 2015

As a glass contractor in Alaska, our job here at Replacement Glass Co. Inc is not just to provide our customers with high quality and reasonably priced glass. We also have a duty to help ensure that glass is used in a way that beautifully blends function and style, and nowhere is that more important than with residential windows. With that in mind, here are six design tips for the next time you get new residential windows from your glass shop and glass contractor in Alaska. We hope this guide helps to get your creative juices flowing: Door windows: There’s... View Article

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