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Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

May 6, 2022

Fireplaces are the centerpieces of homes, and they provide warmth and comfort. The visual appeal of fireplaces is a great talking point, and it is where family and friends congregate. However, fireplaces can be sources of fires and injuries. One way to protect your family is to install glass fireplace doors. There are several benefits of adding glass doors to your fireplaces. Why Should You Install Glass Doors On Your Fireplace? 1. Improved Safety Logs in open hearths have greater potential to start a fire compared to enclosed units. Your fire can burn safely behind glass doors since they create... View Article

Considering Fireplace Glass Replacement in Alaska? Here Are Five Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

August 13, 2018

Picture the beautiful family portrait above the hearth. Imagine stockings hung from the chimney with care. Envision cozy winter nights snuggled up by the warm and inviting fire. A fireplace can add warmth and charm to a variety of settings. From family rooms to bedrooms, the welcoming hearth is an inviting upgrade to nearly every living space. To further enhance this feature, fireplace owners should consider glass fireplace doors. By completing fireplace glass replacement in Alaska, you can reap the following benefits: Aesthetics: Would you like to update the look of your space without a lot of cost or remodeling... View Article

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