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The Benefits of Argon Gas Windows

November 1, 2022

If you start noticing that your energy expenses are going up but the actual cost of your energy hasn’t changed, your windows could be to blame. Many factors can affect the energy usage in a home, but old windows that are not energy efficient can often have a negative effect on how energy is used. Homeowners can take steps to greatly improve the energy efficiency of their homes. One step is to evaluate old doors and windows. This quick guide gives you more information on this important topic. How Do Windows Affect Energy Usage? Your windows and doors are entry... View Article

Plexiglass or Glass: Which Is Best for Window Replacement in Alaska?

August 27, 2018

Are you in the market for window replacement in Alaska? If it’s time to replace old, inefficient panes or you simply need to make repairs due to an unfortunate incident, you might be debating whether to install plexiglass or standard glass windows in Alaska. Which option is best for you and your setting? Both materials offer specific advantages and disadvantages. Since many property owners aren’t familiar with the option of plexiglass for their windows, we offer the following guide to the material’s pros and cons. Use these facts to steer your choices as you select the best option for your... View Article

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