The Benefits of Argon Gas Windows

The Benefits of Argon Gas Windows

November 1, 2022

If you start noticing that your energy expenses are going up but the actual cost of your energy hasn’t changed, your windows could be to blame. Many factors can affect the energy usage in a home, but old windows that are not energy efficient can often have a negative effect on how energy is used.

Homeowners can take steps to greatly improve the energy efficiency of their homes. One step is to evaluate old doors and windows. This quick guide gives you more information on this important topic.

How Do Windows Affect Energy Usage?

Your windows and doors are entry points into your home. This also means that they’re exit points, where heating and cooling can escape. Old windows and doors are often less airtight than newer energy efficient models. This means that heating or cooling is regularly seeping through cracks. In many cases, the materials that were used to make old windows and doors are also efficient at trapping heating and cooling inside the home.

Most older windows are of single pane construction or air-filled double-pane. These can allow for drafts. Heat can even seep through the glass itself.

To get the best energy efficiency in your home, it is imperative that you have the most energy efficient windows installed.

The Energy Efficient Alternative

Instead of single pane or double air-filled panes, today’s homeowners have another option. Double pane windows that are filled with gas have proven to be extremely energy efficient. You might be wondering are gas windows better, or what gas goes in windows. Gas windows help insulate your room and decrease heat transfer through the window glass. These types of windows are often filled with argon gas to accomplish this.

What Is Argon Gas?

Argon is a colorless, odorless gas that has been used for many years in the window industry. Argon can help to insulate windows because it is denser than air. When it is added to the double pane window, it improves the insulation.

Argon windows are also often coated with low-E glass coating. This helps to decrease emissivity. Together, these two processes help to match the temperature of the window to the room temperature.

Who Should Consider Argon Windows?

Having argon windows installed in your home is a good idea if you are ready to make an investment into the long-term energy efficiency of your home. Argon windows are initially more expensive, but over time, you’ll start to see the amazing savings on your monthly energy bills.

Argon windows are also a good choice for those who are concerned with the amount of energy their home consumes. Beyond cost, there is a real need today for families and businesses to cut energy usage down wherever possible. Conserving energy will be an important part of the energy landscape for future generations.

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