How To Keep Condensation Off Your Windows in the Winter

How To Keep Condensation Off Your Windows in the Winter

January 31, 2023

Window condensation can be an annoyance. It may even have you consider replacement glass windows. Condensation, unfortunately, if not taken care of, can cause damage to the plaster and rot to the wood. It can even damage your entire home in addition to your windows. This guide will provide you with some useful tips to help you prevent window condensation.

Ways To Prevent Condensation on Windows

Condensation is typically only a problem during winter when the air is drier. Interior condensation is caused by excess moisture inside your home. Exterior window condensation is what occurs during the winter when the window is colder than the dew point. Before searching for "glass replacement Anchorage," here are some ways to keep the condensation off your windows this winter.

Turn Down Humidifier

Condensation may be present in your bathroom, kitchen, and even nursery room windows. This is often the cause of a humidifier. If you use one, you should try turning it down to see if that makes a difference. Turning your humidifier down will help to reduce the moisture in the air.

Purchase a Moisture Eliminating Product

If certain areas of your home can use a little less moisture, consider purchasing a moisture-eliminating product. These products are available in buckets that you can easily put inside bags or on the floor. These products can also be hung in closets, kitchens, and bathrooms. They help to eliminate excess moisture in the air.

Consider Fans in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Anytime you shower or cook, use a fan. Cooking and showering let out a lot of excess moisture in the air. Sometimes it is even difficult for this moisture to exit your home. Using exhaust fans in these areas of your home will help eliminate the air’s moisture. Consider running your fans for at least 20 minutes after cooking or showering.

Open the Windows

This is an easy but very necessary tip. If it isn’t too cold outside, and your windows have begun to fog up, open your windows. This will help to let out some moisture in the air trapped in your home.

Increase the Temperature

Raising the temperature inside your home will reduce the amount of condensation on your windows. Condensation occurs when warm air comes in contact with a cold surface, such as a window. The best way to increase the temperature inside is to do so gradually.

Install Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping on your windows can keep warm air from escaping your home. As a result, you will see a noticeable difference in the condensation on your windows. Weather stripping is also great for making your home more energy efficient during winter.

Purchase a Dehumidifier

A relatively easy, but costly way to eliminate the moisture in your home is to purchase a dehumidifier. Full-size humidifiers may run you anywhere between $200 and $300. If this is too much for you, consider purchasing a mini humidifier.

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