Plexiglass or Glass: Which Is Best for Window Replacement in Alaska?

Plexiglass or Glass: Which Is Best for Window Replacement in Alaska?

August 27, 2018

Are you in the market for window replacement in Alaska? If it’s time to replace old, inefficient panes or you simply need to make repairs due to an unfortunate incident, you might be debating whether to install plexiglass or standard glass windows in Alaska. Which option is best for you and your setting?

Both materials offer specific advantages and disadvantages. Since many property owners aren’t familiar with the option of plexiglass for their windows, we offer the following guide to the material’s pros and cons. Use these facts to steer your choices as you select the best option for your windows.

Plexiglass Pros

  • Handling: Plexiglass is typically easier to work with than glass. Glass is heavy and fragile, making it difficult to maneuver and protect during delivery and installation. New plexiglass, on the other hand, is lighter and more flexible.
  • Durability: Glass windows in Alaska might not withstand a sharp blow or hold up under extreme weather. Plexiglass offers greater durability under these conditions. It is more pliable, which offers better resistance to flying baseballs and frigid winters.
  • Simplicity: Want to replace a window yourself? If you’re up for a DIY project, plexiglass inserts are usually available in hardware stores. They can provide an easy and quick way to replace damaged glass windows in Alaska.
  • Variety: Plexiglass sheets are available in a variety of colors as well as transparent color sheets. These options can be ideal for commercial settings to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Plexiglass is also available in a non-glare option, which minimizes reflection. Frosted sheets are another option, which offer a greater level of privacy.

Plexiglass Cons

  • Cleaning: Plexiglass is actually plastic. This means harsh chemicals and cleaners cannot be used on its surface. These materials can damage the plexiglass by fogging it, scratching it or corroding it. Plexiglass owners must use a clean cloth and water to clean their panes.
  • Discoloring: Will your window pane receive a lot of direct sunlight? Over time, plexiglass that is exposed to a lot of sunlight can change color. It may turn yellowish. Thus, the directionality of your window is an important consideration as you choose between glass and plexiglass.
  • Cracking: While plexiglass offers greater durability for much of its lifespan, with age and sun exposure, the plexiglass can also become brittle and may crack. This possibility should be weighed with the material’s potential to withstand other damage.
  • Cost: Plexiglass is not a cheap material. It might not offer cost savings over glass windows in Alaska. However, its other qualities may make it worth the investment for homeowners.

Consult with the Experts

Are you still unsure which option is best for your window replacement in Alaska? Don’t stress out. Simply contact your local glass experts at Replacement Glass. We are a locally owned and operated, full-service glass company. Our team has been offering top-level service since 1970. Contact us for a complete line of home and commercial glass for windows and doors, including specialty and custom-built applications. Reach out to us to determine which glass option is best for your setting.

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