Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

May 6, 2022

Fireplaces are the centerpieces of homes, and they provide warmth and comfort. The visual appeal of fireplaces is a great talking point, and it is where family and friends congregate. However, fireplaces can be sources of fires and injuries. One way to protect your family is to install glass fireplace doors. There are several benefits of adding glass doors to your fireplaces.

Why Should You Install Glass Doors On Your Fireplace?

1. Improved Safety

Logs in open hearths have greater potential to start a fire compared to enclosed units. Your fire can burn safely behind glass doors since they create a protective barrier to prevent sparks or flames from jumping out. As the fire burns, glass doors also prevent logs from rolling out and escaping. Glass doors will also protect your home’s interior, and they are an excellent choice if you have pets or children.

2. Utility Costs

Glass doors create a much stronger seal to prevent air from entering and escaping the home. Traditional fireplaces are similar to leaving a window open in your house. Glass doors help minimize air loss in the chimney. This adds huge savings, primarily if you use it more during the cold winter months. 

3. Greater Heating Efficiency

Fireplaces offer charm and appeal to homes, but they are not great at supplying heat to the room. A minimal amount of heat from the firewood is converted to room warmth. Glass doors can offer double the efficiency of a traditional fireplace. Heat can radiate through the room with a glass door option.

4. Easier Clean Up

Glass doors help contain the ash, cinder, and wood chips left behind. You won’t need to worry about falling debris using glass doors. Glass fireplace doors also help keep smoke out by eliminating downdrafts from the chimney. 

5. Style and Design

Glass doors come in various colors and designs to coordinate with your home. Once fires start burning, they can look unsightly. Glass doors conceal the firebox, and the attention is placed on the lit fire. Glass fireplaces offer great room decor with or without a fire burning.

If you are adding glass doors to your fireplace, consider a few things. You’ll want to measure your fireplace to ensure the doors are the correct size. You’ll also want to look at several options to match your home’s decor. There are many options available to suit your tastes and budget. Also, determine which type of fireplace you have to determine how the glass doors would need to be installed. 

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