Ask a Glass Contractor in Alaska: Is My Glass Shower Door Safe?

Ask a Glass Contractor in Alaska: Is My Glass Shower Door Safe?

November 7, 2017

The outside world can be scary. Fears of violence, thefts and accidents can make even the bravest yearn to return to the safety of their home. You expect your home to provide a secure space, which is why rumors about glass shower doors can be frightening. The last thing you expect is for your own home to endanger you. Many homeowners assume a glass shower door could become a major risk if they were to shatter. Some even avoid installing them due to concerns about breakage.

Luckily, you don’t have to live your life worrying about the integrity of your glass shower door. A basic understanding of the risks and simple steps to reduce breaking can help you a feel peace of mind while also enjoying the beauty of a glass shower door.

Can a glass shower door shatter?

We’ll address this first to get the elephant out of the room: Yes, glass shower doors and enclosures can shatter. During manufacturing, the glass is heated in a tempering process, which alters its tensile strength. This causes the glass to become both stronger and more resistant to impact. It also has the unintended side effect of causing it to become significantly more susceptible to an impact from the side. The glass could shatter when dropped on its edge. The risk decreases significantly once it is installed, as it becomes much more difficult to drop the pane on its side at this point.

Can it still happen, though?

Technically, the glass door shouldn’t shatter. But a few different factors can still cause it to happen even after installation. Small damages in the glass caused either during the manufacturing or installation process can result in the door shattering weeks or even months later without warning. Incorrect installation, damaged fasteners, improper cleaning, damage or misuse by the owner could also contribute to a breakage.

How often does it happen?

It happens, but experts and glass contractors in Alaska maintain it is still pretty uncommon. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has noted only 60 incidents within the last eight years. Overall, this seems to point to the fact that it is not a common occurrence.

Is a glass shower door dangerous?

Not at all! And having a professional install the glass shower door and enclosure will significantly reduce the chance of breakage. While a DIY job may be cheaper, you could accidentally damage the glass with improper installation or handling techniques. A professional glass contractor in Alaska will know the best and safest way to install the glass. Not only will this provide you with some peace of mind, but a professional installation is usually accompanied by a warranty. Additionally, regular inspections can also help prevent any accidents. A specialist will be able to detect any warning signs before making the necessary repairs to prevent it from shattering.

Remember to always use the shower properly to keep it from shattering. Never use the towel bar for support when getting into and exiting the shower, and take special care to avoid slamming the door.

Shower doors installed by the team at Replacement Glass are built to last. Call us today to schedule an installation for a new shower door or an inspection for an existing one!

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