How Long Does COVID-19 Live on Different Surfaces?

How Long Does COVID-19 Live on Different Surfaces?

May 8, 2020

The entirety of the United States is currently gripped in the middle of a set of unprecedented circumstances. The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced millions of U.S. residents to stay in their homes and minimize contact with others. Even as the state begins to explore reopening certain venues, the majority of Alaskans have valid concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus. Specifically, how long can COVID-19 last on various surfaces, from metal to glass and mirrors in Alaska?


When we head out into the great, wide world, our car is our first line of defense against COVID-19. Unfortunately, the metal that makes up most cars and trucks on the road can keep COVID-19 alive for up to half a week before it dies off.


The world we live in is made of plastics. It’s in everything from the buttons we press on the elevator to the seats on public transportation. COVID-19 is adept at surviving on these surfaces and can last up to three days.


Some studies have shown that glass surfaces like car windshields and mirrors are adequate places for the novel coronavirus to live. Glass and mirrors in Alaska can sustain the novel coronavirus for up to five days.

Cloth surfaces

Now, what about the clothes we wear and the cloth masks that supposedly prevent the spread of the disease? The good news is that there is little evidence to suggest that COVID-19 can last for much longer than a few hours when it comes into contact with clothes.


If there’s one thing the state of Alaska has in spades, it’s wood. Our furniture is wood. Our houses are wood. Even the outdoors is simply covered in wooden trees. COVID-19 could be lurking there, too, as the novel coronavirus can survive on these surfaces for up to 4 days.

Food and water

The silver lining to those clouds is that the food we eat and the water we drink have not demonstrated any ability to carry or transmit the virus.

How to avoid surface contamination

Before you become too anxious about the numbers above, it should come as some comfort that COVID-19 is easily killed with a little bit of hand soap, hand sanitizer or a moist towelette. When you return to your home from the outside world, make sure to wipe down any surfaces you’ve touched (like door handles and trunk releases), and wash your hands for the CDC-recommended 20 seconds.

While you’re out and about, you can lower your chances of catching COVID-19 by doing your best to avoid touching your face.

Your glass ally

At Replacement Glass, we’re proud to help educate our community about the threat posed by COVID-19. We’re also pleased to continue servicing glass and mirrors in Alaska even as the pandemic rages on. It’s the same commitment we’ve offered since we opened our doors—now it’s just six feet further away.

If you need some help with your glass and mirrors, give a call to Replacement Glass today. We can’t wait to help you.

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