When to Choose Custom Glass

When to Choose Custom Glass

July 10, 2020

If you’re selecting display case glass or picture frame glass in Alaska, you may need to order a custom piece to suit your needs. How do you know when to order a standard piece and when to choose custom cabinet glass? Here are four common situations for which a custom solution is your best bet:

  • Panel replacement: Any time you need to replace a piece of glass in an existing structure, you’ll probably need custom glass. For example, if your display case glass in Alaska suffers damage, you’ll want to make sure the replacement glass matches the rest of the case. Another common repair is a glass panel in a door. Your local glass professionals can create a piece that is the perfect size and style to match the other glass in your item. Once the new glass is installed, you won’t be able to tell the piece was ever damaged.
  • Personal projects: Do you have a DIY project planned? Whether you’re building a cabinet and will need cabinet glass in Alaska or are designing a piece of artwork, it’s likely that you’ll want glass that is created to work specifically with your project. When you order custom glass, you can work with local experts who can create a piece that features the thickness, size, color and quality you want for your project. With this customization, you don’t have to compromise on any aspects of your project. You can get exactly what you want.
  • Picture frames: If you have a frame you love, and the glass gets broken, don’t dismay. You don’t have to throw out the frame. It can be expensive to replace picture frames, and it may be difficult to replace a unique piece. Instead, simply contact your local glass company to order picture frame glass in Alaska. You can extend the life of your frame and save money. The glass professionals can cut a piece of picture frame glass to the size and thickness you need to restore your frame to like-new condition.
  • Professional displays: If you are designing display cases for a commercial setting, you probably want custom display case glass in Alaska. While pre-built displays are available, you may not be able to find one that perfectly suits your space and needs. If this is the case, simply contact your trusted glass professionals to create custom cabinet glass in Alaska. These professionals will assess the needs of your business and help you create the perfect display case for your setting.

Custom solutions

When you need custom glass, Replacement Glass is your trusted source. Established in 1970, we’ve been providing top-quality glass solutions to Alaska residents for generations. We offer a complete line of home and commercial glass for windows and doors, including specialty and custom-built applications. Our specialties include sales, service and installation of custom mirrors, tub and shower doors, in addition to automatic doors and same-day insulated glass repair. We are also the largest stocking distributor of window hardware in Alaska. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

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