Are You Missing Out on What Glass Shower Doors Have to Offer?

Are You Missing Out on What Glass Shower Doors Have to Offer?

July 1, 2015

When it comes to decorating or redesigning a bathroom, the opportunities are endless. When it comes to showers, most people think of a shower curtain as an obvious choice. However, there are other options that may be even better than a shower curtain or an open shower.

Glass shower doors are becoming more and more trendy in newer or updated bathrooms. Your quality of life can improve because the doors are so easy to use and require very little maintenance. Here are some reasons why glass shower doors should be considered:

  • They look attractive: The glass doors will display the inner tile of the shower. If the inner tile of the shower is funky or sophisticated, the glass doors will help showcase that tile. In addition, the glass shower doors will allow the light in the bathroom to circulate. As the light circulates, the room automatically looks bigger. With a shower curtain, the beautiful tile of the shower will not be exposed, the light will be shut out and the room will look smaller.
  • Heavy-duty glass doesn’t break or tear: The glass shower doors are one half inch thick in heavy-duty glass. This heavy-duty glass prevents the doors from breaking. It also helps resist scratches and chips. It’s a whole different situation if you consider shower curtains. With so much wear and tear curtains can get, they can rip easily and look old and unattractive fast. Heavy-duty glass will keep your shower looking neat.
  • The doors are easy to use: The glass shower doors are so easy to use, even small children can figure out how to open and close the doors. There is no one way to open the door; you can open the door outward and inward. No matter if you push or pull, it’ll open.
  • The doors protect water from unwanted areas: Water finds it hard to escape when you put doors in front of it. Glass shower doors reduce the potential of mold and mildew buildup because water can’t collect in many places. With a shower curtain, on the other hand, if the inner curtain is not placed inside the tub, water can end up in all of the crevasses of the floor.
  • The doors are easy to maintain: Cleaning is a breeze with glass shower doors in Alaska. As long as you don’t use ammonia or harsh detergents when cleaning the doors and you squeegee after every shower, your doors will always look brand new.
  • Glass can be cut to fit any size: No longer will you have to worry about the shower curtain being too short or not long enough. Glass shower doors in Alaska can be cut to size.

Glass shower doors in Alaska may cost more than a shower curtain bought for $20 at any hardware store, but the ease of use, maintenance and the quality of the doors are worth the extra cost.

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