Five Signs it's Time for a Home Window Replacement in Alaska

Five Signs it’s Time for a Home Window Replacement in Alaska

August 15, 2015

Knowing when it’s time to replace the windows in your home isn’t always as clear as one may think. It can be a tough decision deciding whether to replace them or not. If your home is more than 12-15 years old, it’s definitely a good time to walk through the home and inspect them to make sure they are still functioning as they should be.

Just like anything in a home—refrigerator, washing machine, HVAC system—over time, your windows and doors need to be updated and replaced in order to keep the home in good working order. To help you come to the right decision, here are the five telltale signs that it may be time for window replacement in Alaska:

  • Condensation or frost buildup. During those muggy summer months and the frigid winter months, make sure you walk around your home and take a look at the windows. If you notice any moisture or frost buildup along the interior of the window, that’s a good sign that the windows need replacing. They are allowing that hot or cold air in, ultimately affecting the comfort of your home as well as the costs on your energy bill.
  • Hot or cold to the touch. This may not seem like a bad sign, but if during a really hot or really cold day, if you touch the window glass and it’s hot or cold to the touch, that’s a sign for window replacement in Alaska. Similar to the above, windows not only make the house look pretty, they are meant to be functional in keeping your home temperature comfortable as well as saving you money on your energy bill. If they are allowing hot or cold air into the home, it greatly affects how you live.
  • Allows air flow into the home. Yes, ultimately your windows are made to be opened so you can feel that nice breeze whishing through your home; however, you shouldn’t be feeling that breeze when the windows are shut. If you’re sitting next to your window during the winter months and it either feels cooler than the rest of the house or you actually feel wind blowing, it’s time for a replacement. Windows are supposed to keep the elements outside when you want them to be kept outside.
  • Rotting or cracking frame. This is an obvious one, if you walk around your home and inspect all the windows and are finding that the frames are rotting or cracking, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Rotting or cracking frames not only allows cold or hot air into your home, it can also be an entry way for unwanted pests or rodents.
  • Cracked windowpanes. Similar to the above, you want to check the actual panes to make sure there is no severe wear or tear, such as cracking. Cracks do the same thing as rotting frames: they can allow unwanted air or pests into your home.

Window replacement in Alaska can be a painless process as long as the issues are addressed right away. Call your local window replacement professionals now and they’ll be able to help guide you through the process.

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