Proper Care Can Help You Avoid Residential Glass Replacement in Alaska

Proper Care Can Help You Avoid Residential Glass Replacement in Alaska

September 15, 2015

After getting residential glass replacement in Alaska, most homeowners wonder how they can keep their new windows in great condition. Without proper care, new windows can begin showing scratches or dull very quickly, ultimately lowering the lifespan of the new glass. Considering the investment cost of getting new glass in the first place, you may want to learn some easy strategies for keeping your glass in new condition. Here are some proper care techniques that can help you avoid residential glass replacement in Alaska for a long time to come.

  • Cleaning tools: Using the wrong cleaning tools will damage your new glass. Avoid using abrasive chemicals. Instead, try using a mild soap mixed with water or a vinegar solution. Never take a razor blade or steel wool to the glass, and even some washcloths will leave behind marks. Apply the soap with a sponge or other soft material. Gently rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth or a squeegee.
  • Proper technique: There are some simple dos and don’ts for cleaning new glass. Never clean the glass while it is in the direct sun, since this can lead to staining. Do not use power washers or other high-pressure sprayers, since this might lead to small areas of damage. Simply use the proper cleaning tools and wash the glass gently. Drying carefully is just as important. When using a sponge with soap, make sure the area is plenty wet, and use excessive soap to ensure the sponge does not cause any scratches. Rinse using a gentle spray from a hose.
  • Beyond the glass: In order to fully clean the window, you will also need to consider the framing and, if present, the screen. Use the same tools to clean the frame area, but first vacuum any dirt from the vicinity. Attach a brush adapter to your vacuum in order to clean off the screen. Next, wash everything using soap and a sponge and dry carefully with a soft towel. Remember to get all the nooks and crannies during this process.
  • Routine maintenance: As part of your cleaning regimen, you might as well also practice some routine maintenance. Your new residential glass in Alaska does not need much maintenance itself. With proper cleaning, you can avoid using any store bought glass protectors, since many of these solutions do not work very well anyway. The framing can use some maintenance however. Any hardware should be inspected for rusting, and make sure you lubricate any moving components to ensure the window moves without any problems. Glass damage can easily occur when opening or closing the window too hard. By lubricating the mechanical components, you can easily avoid this problem.
  • Inspection: Occasionally inspect the glass and framing for any developing problems. If you notice damage to the glass, make sure you call a professional glass company right away so they can come inspect the problem.

By following these simple techniques, your glass should stay looking new and last for years to come. If you are in need of residential glass replacement in Alaska, or if you have a problem with your existing glass, consider calling Replacement Glass Co. Inc.

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