Going Beyond the Panes for Window Repair in Alaska

Going Beyond the Panes for Window Repair in Alaska

January 15, 2016

When we think of a broken window, our minds usually drift to the iconic situation of a boy and a baseball gone astray, with a shattered pane left as evidence. It’s true that cracked or shattered glass panes are perhaps the most egregious form of damage to a window, but they’re far from the only way a window can be damaged. In fact, some of the most detrimental window damages can actually remain unseen unless you’re specifically looking for them!

Window repair in Alaska extends to all parts of a window, which means understanding the different parts and what types of damages can befall them. Here’s a quick synopsis of some of the most common portions of a window to become damaged:

  • Jamb: This is the portion of the window that acts as a protectorate to enclose the sashes. It acts to keep sashes in line and helps to create a seal.
  • Channel: This is where the window sashes sit and, depending on the type of window, where they’re lowered and raised.
  • Sash: This is the portion of the window that contains the panes—there are usually upper and lower sashes on windows and generally, they move up and down.

Now, windows are far more complex than just the three listed components above, but these areas in particular happen to be the biggest causes for concern when it comes to uncovering problems with your window that might warrant window repair in Alaska.

What makes jambs, channels and sashes susceptible to problems? Two things: their construction and the wear and tear that associated with them. First off, they’re generally prone to expanding and contracting with the moisture content of the air, which means change over seasons, which means wear and tear over the years. Secondly, because each of these features is prone to manual wear and tear each time we open, close or lock windows, they’re more apt to seeing damages take form.

Damages to windows outside of the pane generally have to do with gaps in the construction of the window, which can make it hard to operate or worse, let unrestricted airflow in and out of a home. If you’re struggling to open and close your windows or are seeing increases on your HVAC bills, it could be a problem with the windows themselves, even if your panes are completely intact!

As a final note, the hardware on your windows is a great way to check for any potential lurking issues with your jambs, channels or sashes. If you have issues opening, closing, locking or manipulating your window’s hardware in any other way, it’s likely due to misalignment in the window, thus signaling gaps and other oddities that will need to be resolved before they get worse.

If time hasn’t been kind to your windows or the problems with them continue to pile up, it’s a good idea to consult with the professionals at Replacement Glass Co., Inc. about window repair in Alaska!

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