How Screen Door Hardware from Your Glass Shop in Alaska Can Protect Indoor Living Space

How Screen Door Hardware from Your Glass Shop in Alaska Can Protect Indoor Living Space

February 1, 2016

You’re probably proud of yourself for selecting the best looking quality doors for your home, which will offer a defensive barrier from criminals entering your home while also keeping the Alaskan elements out with quality weather stripping. But have you considered pairing your doors with stylish retractable screens? If you go this route, you could take in the beautiful view without worry of insects getting in or dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays coming through.

Replacement Glass Co. Inc. is not only your go-to local glass shop in Alaska—we’re also Alaska’s authorized dealer for Phantom Screens for a variety of doors and windows. Just how does screen door hardware protect your indoor living space? It all starts with the screen itself.

Keeps insects out

Dealing with insects when you are outside in their domain is one thing, but your home is your sanctuary and you probably prefer it to be free of pesky bugs. Use door screens to keep insects from the great Alaskan outdoors out, far away from biting or disturbing you or ruining the breathtaking view you’re attempting to enjoy from your sofa.

Rest assured your home does not invite in creepy crawlers by installing strong, mesh type door screens. There are many options available with mesh, as it’s tight enough to keep most insects at bay without blacking out your view of the outdoors.

Provides sun protection

Although much of the rest of world may think Alaska is always dark and dreary, you know for a fact there are sunny skies. Install a fiberglass mesh material to let in the shine of the natural light while staving off harmful ultraviolet sunlight. Not only does UV light do damage to your skin and eyes, it can also cause color fading and peeling in things like furniture, flooring, paint and photographs.

You should not be dissuaded from opening up your doors to let in some fresh air on a nice day. Look into installing door screens manufactured specifically with UV sun protection in mind.

Creates privacy

Have you ever thought about exactly how much your neighbors or passersby can see inside your home when you leave the doors hanging open? Short of asking them, you probably already have a good idea that they can see at least some of what goes on. With quality screen doors, you can enjoy the afternoon breeze, cup of tea in hand at the counter, with your French patio doors open while still maintaining some semblance of privacy. And when you don’t need to block an entry point from nosy neighbors, simply hide Phantom door screens by retracting them until they’re out of sight.

There are many types of door screens available for you to choose from, like the innovative and stylish designs offered by Phantom Screens. Don’t remain stiffly in place with your traditional fixed screens—pick a flexible mesh Phantom screen in your favorite color instead.

If it’s a high quality door screen you want, look no further than Replacement Glass Co. Inc., your local glass shop in Alaska. We’re here to assist you with all of your screen door hardware needs!

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