Five Advantages of Aluminum Frames for Glass Shower Doors in Alaska

Five Advantages of Aluminum Frames for Glass Shower Doors in Alaska

March 1, 2016

The bathroom is a place to get ready for the day, and then to wash it away before bedtime. Whether your bathroom is designed with a built-in tub or a shower-and-tub combination, you will have to decide if shower doors are right for you and which materials to use. Here’s a look at five advantages of aluminum frames for glass shower doors in Alaska.


When it comes to cleaning, sliding glass shower doors have their advantages. On the positive end of the spectrum, glass is fairly easy to clean. A couple spritzes of glass cleaner and a squeegee will have your shower doors sparkly clean in no time. In addition to the advantage of cleaning glass shower door surfaces with ease, installing a quality metal doorframe that does not rust, such as aluminum, makes for all-around scrub-free cleanings.

Don’t allow mold or soap scum to build up in and along aluminum shower tracks. Instead, control these problems with thorough wipe-downs on a weekly basis. Using an old toothbrush can be a simple and effective way to clean shower tracks.


Curtains wear out. It’s a simple fact of most bathroom necessities. Plastic shower liners are notorious for developing a layer of soap scum, and most liners cannot be washed. Since the ones that are washing machine safe need to be taken down and put back up again, this can mean ripped hanger holes and extra hassle. If simplicity and aesthetics are on your radar, why not install a lightweight shower door option?

With an aluminum frame and glass shower doors, you won’t have to worry about your investment wearing out, because a sturdy shower door can survive years and years of wear and tear before it needs to be replaced.

Easy to install

Unlike some other shower door options, aluminum frames are fairly uncomplicated to install—that is, for people with basic construction know-how. Because of the lightweight nature of aluminum material, frames can be effortless to lift into place. This cosmetic bathroom facelift can add an eye-pleasing border with a touch of shine to your glass shower doors in Alaska.

Stylish option

Let’s be honest—glass shower doors are just better looking than many other bathing privacy options on the market today. Sure, shower curtains are often available in all manner of colors, styles and patterns, but glass doors offer a style of their own without all the unnecessary maintenance trouble of taking down, washing, drying and then re-hanging shower curtains. Unlike other options, glass and aluminum door combinations are so simple-looking, while still giving off a traditional feel, that they won’t need to be upgraded based on their looks alone.

Great price

For the money, nothing comes close to the value of aluminum and glass shower doors. They survive long past other metal frame options without the expense of excessively high-cost materials, and aluminum is readily available through most specialty shower door providers.

Now that you know a little bit more about all the good aluminum can bring to your bathrooms, contact the team at Replacement Glass Co. Inc. for more information regarding hardware for glass shower doors in Alaska.

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