Keep Bugs at Bay with Phantom Screen Installations

Keep Bugs at Bay with Phantom Screen Installations

May 1, 2016

The spring and summer months bring with them a bevy of great things—hot temps, pool parties, cookouts, gardening, etc. The list goes on and on. But these seasons also have their fair share of downfalls as well, including being prime seasons for bugs and other pests. There’s nothing quite so irritating as trying to enjoy a tasty BBQ and swatting away mosquitoes or flies!

Bugs and pests will do more than ruin your BBQ during the summer months—they’ll also try to make themselves cozy in your home. Whether they creep through an open door while you’re letting the dog out or they sneak in through an open window that you forgot to close, bugs will find their way into your living space one way or another, so it behooves any homeowner to do everything they can to keep the bugs at bay, including seeking residential glass repair in Alaska.

The biggest and most impactful step you can take in keeping bugs out of your home this season is to install a high quality screen on your front and back doors—namely, a Phantom Screen! This low profile screen will serve two chief purposes that will ultimately lend themselves to your quality of life during the summer months:

  • A Phantom Screen will allow air to flow freely through your home when you leave a door open, without allowing debris to accompany that fresh air.
  • Phantom screens will keep bugs from entering through the mesh fibers of the screen, where other screens might not be as resilient.

With Phantom Screens protecting your home, you’re going to get all of the benefits of enjoying the summertime weather, without the perpetual prospect of bugs fluttering into your living space. Moreover, this is going to alleviate a lot of the stress placed on your home’s AC unit:

  • In being able to open the doors without fear of bugs flying in, you’ll be able to cut down on AC use, utilizing the natural breeze from outside to keep airflow flowing strongly throughout your home.
  • Fresh air from the outdoors is going to circulate in your home, keeping dirt, dust and allergens from getting caught up in the filters and vents of your home. This can help you keep your system cleaner overall.

Rather than having to keep yourself, your family and your pets cooped up and confined to the airflow of your closed-loop HVAC system, Phantom Screens give you access to fresh air and freedom!

Don’t let bugs and other pests keep you down this summer—instead, fight back and enjoy the best of both worlds: fresh air and a bug free home. Phantom Screens are the quickest and best way to beat the bugs and they’re an ideal addition to your home. Speak to a professional at Replacement Glass today about the different Phantom Screen options available to you and make an investment that you’ll be sure to enjoy on every single beautiful summer day!

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