Framed or Frameless? Choosing the Ideal Shower Doors

Framed or Frameless? Choosing the Ideal Shower Doors

August 1, 2016

Are you in the market for new glass shower doors in Alaska? Take some time to contemplate whether framed or frameless glass shower doors suit you and your family’s needs, as well as the overall feel of your home, better.

Framed glass shower doors

They tend to perform better

While frameless glass shower doors can have a lot of aesthetic appeal, they aren’t as effective as the framed versions in preventing leaks. The rubber or seals found around the edges of most framed shower doors form a bond with the shower wall and floor to ensure that leaks won’t occur.

In addition, while the chance is very low that this could occur, framed glass shower doors are less likely to shatter. Frameless glass doors use tempered glass, which breaks into small pieces for safety purposes if shattered. Smaller pieces of glass present more opportunities for injury than a framed glass shower door, which would break into big shards in the remote instance that it did shatter.

They are less expensive

Framed shower doors are often considerably less expensive than frameless versions. Frameless shower doors generally feature thicker glass, allowing them to remain in place without the use of a frame. In addition, sturdier hardware is often needed to hold frameless shower doors in place, which can add to the cost.

A standard framed glass shower door is a less expensive option if you are looking to save money and/or if you are more interested in dedicating more money to another part of your remodeling process.

You’ll have the finished product faster

Framed glass shower doors are generally a standard size, meaning that the glass replacement professional you work with will likely already have a door in stock. This means that the overall installation process will take less time than if you required a custom model.

Frameless glass shower doors

You may find them more aesthetically pleasing

Framed shower doors can look heavy and weighted down because the edges are wrapped in metal, rubber or another type of seal. These elements are not part of frameless glass shower doors, which only require minimal hardware to attach them to the shower.

If you prefer a clean, streamlined look or want to place an added emphasis on the design of your shower tile, the frameless option may be worth considering.

Customization is possible

The majority of frameless shower doors are custom versions. Customizing your shower door adds more flexibility to the design of your shower and gives you the option of having a unique look.

You’ll experience a lower mold risk

Because water can build up around a framed shower door’s seals, the chance of mold and mildew is higher than with frameless glass shower doors. Along similar lines, frameless glass shower doors are easier to clean because of their streamlined nature.

Once you’ve determined whether you’d like frameless or framed glass shower doors, your next step is to contact an expert to install them. Our team brings more than 150 combined years of experience working with glass of all types. When you’re ready for the installation of your glass shower doors in Alaska, contact Replacement Glass at 907-279-8484.

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