3 Ways to Tell Your Glass Shower Doors in Alaska Need Replacing

3 Ways to Tell Your Glass Shower Doors in Alaska Need Replacing

September 1, 2016

Glass shower doors in Alaska have the ability to add unique appeal to any bathroom, instantly improving the aesthetics upon installation. As beautiful as they are, though, they are difficult to maintain, because glass by nature is fragile and hard to keep clean. Here are a few signs that your shower doors might need to be replaced soon.


One of the most noteworthy indicators that it might be time for new shower doors is the presence of any small chips or hairline cracks that begin to appear. Cracked shower doors are usually the result of a door that has been handled roughly over time, or that was installed improperly. Because it is glass, it must be handled very carefully, and if the door wasn’t handled delicately enough during installation, the glass could potentially be damaged from the outset. If the shower door was installed with the edges of the glass resting on hard materials, the surface could begin to crack prematurely.

Glass is also susceptible to a higher rate of manufacturer defects, because it is so fragile and the room for error is so large. Most cracks start small and they aren’t noticeable by the unaided eye, so they are allowed to grow until they become a visible problem. It is critical to get cracked doors repaired right away to avoid accidents.

Rusted hardware

If you have recently noticed that your shower doors no longer close properly, it could be an indication that the hardware mechanisms used to facilitate this movement have begun to rust. If you notice that your door hasn’t been closing like it is supposed to, check the hinges and latching to make sure that they have not started to rust and are still in good working condition.

Rust should also be monitored on any metal framing that your shower door might have, as this could also cause functionality problems. If your door doesn’t close properly, you will find yourself mopping a very wet floor after every shower. And if the glass isn’t properly fitted, the whole pane could potentially slip off of the track, creating a very dangerous situation.


If you notice that lately you have to scrub harder and longer to get your shower doors clean, it could mean a couple of things. Over time, dirt, mold and even soap builds up layers of scum on your shower doors, permanently robbing them of their initial luster. Your shower doors should always be clear and transparent when not in use, so if you notice that the doors appear to constantly have a cloudy mist on them, it is a sign that they will need to be replaced.

Discoloration could also be a sign that the glass wasn’t sealed properly upon installation. Whatever the cause might be, having shower doors that appear dirty even when they’re not is an unsightly problem that will need to be taken care of right away.

Whether you have an older set of glass shower doors in Alaska or are looking to have your first set installed, the knowledgeable staff at Replacement Glass has what you need. Our team specializes in repair and installation of only the most trusted brands. Give us a call today to enhance the look of your entire bathroom.

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