Five Tips That Might Help with Double-Paned Window Replacement in Alaska

Five Tips That Might Help with Double-Paned Window Replacement in Alaska

September 15, 2016

It is almost impossible to win a battle against the laws of science. You will have to deal with condensation on your windows regardless of what you do, and inevitably you will need window replacement in Alaska. There are a few things that you can do that will help you in your battle against condensation, though, and potentially extend the life of your double-paned windows:

  • Circulate air: The condensation that forms in between the panes of your window is most commonly seen in the winter, and is caused by the warm air in your home settling on cold windows. By promoting balanced airflow with a ceiling fan, you can prevent the warm air from sitting on your windows, and instead evenly circulate it throughout your home.
  • Open your drapes and blinds everyday: In order for the circulated air to have an effect, it is necessary to open curtains, drapes and blinds. Even if you aren’t running your ceiling fan, all of these heavy barriers serve as blankets covering the window, intensifying potential condensation.
  • Fully utilize your ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms: Cooking and showering are two of the most humidity-stimulating activities, and this moisture frequently manifests itself as condensation on your windows. Using your exhaust system in the bathroom and the kitchen will help remove the moisture from the windows in these rooms, which will help reduce the overall humidity in your entire home.
  • Check the sealing around the window: Condensation is usually allowed to form on the inside of the windowpanes because the sealing of the window has failed somewhere along the perimeter, presenting just enough of an opening to create a problem. It is good practice to frequently check the condition of the sealing along both the interior and exterior surfaces of your windows, and if necessary add additional caulk to reinforce them. This is even more important if the windows in your home are older, because the chances of a sealing failure occurring increase with the windows’ age.
  • Use a dehumidifier: By placing a dehumidifier near windows, you create an extra line of defense against the moisture that lives in the air in the interior of your home. Think of a dehumidifier as a portable exhaust system that can help protect your windows from damaging condensation. With correct placement, a smaller, more affordable dehumidifier can be just as effective, even if it is not built to handle large volume.

Once window condensation gets out of control, you could have major problems on your hands. This seemingly small issue can lead to damage throughout your entire home, including rotting wood that could quickly spread and force you into repairs that encompass more than just a window. If you have done all you can, it might be time to hire a professional for double-paned window replacement in Alaska. Call Replacement Glass today and our fully certified staff can assist you with your window repair, replacement or installation. We look forward to helping with any and all household glass needs!

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