ClearShield: Is It Worth the Cost?

ClearShield: Is It Worth the Cost?

November 18, 2016

You’re finally ready to build your dream home in Alaska, including a design for your master bath that will make it into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of, complete with an all-glass walk-in shower. As you and your spouse go over the shower design options, one of you suggests adding ClearShield to your shower doors, for an additional cost. With a few thousand dollars already invested in this renovation, however, you’re really not sure you want to add on any unnecessary expenses. After all, is ClearShield really worth the cost?

ClearShield is a special coating that can be applied to your shower doors during installation. Its purpose is to protect and seal the glass surface. If you’re redoing your shower, you’re not alone in wanting to weigh the costs vs. benefits of ClearShield. As a full-service glass company, we’ve installed hundreds of glass showers in Alaska, and our customers are always asking us what we really think of ClearShield. Although we never want to push our clients into purchasing a product that doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle, we do think it’s important that homeowners carefully consider ClearShield as an option if they are thinking of installing glass showers in Alaska. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to consider ClearShield for your glass shower.

Easier to clean

One thing people quickly discover after installing a glass shower door is how hard it is to keep clean. The cleaning process not only involves cleaning a large surface, but you also have to be able to remove the buildup of water deposits and soap scum. You will also find that you’ll need to squeegee the glass surface to avoid water spots. ClearShield helps make it easier to remove buildup from the surface of the shower door without hard scrubbing. It also helps water to run off, avoiding annoying water spots.

Reduces buildup and water deposits

Besides making your glass shower easier to clean, ClearShield also helps seal it against the buildup of mineral deposits and soap scum. This means that you can go longer in between cleanings. It also means that it is protecting your glass from getting scratched by any abrasive residue found in mineral deposits.

Reduces the growth of bacteria

The shower is one of the most common places in the home in which bacteria can be found. Because of the warmth and moisture found in your shower, it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. ClearShield helps prevent bacteria in two ways: it seals the glass surface so there are no crevices for bacteria to stay, and it also helps water to run off more quickly instead of clinging to the shower door.

Overall, ClearShield will save you time spent cleaning the shower, save money that would otherwise be spent on cleaning products, extend the life of your shower and help keep your shower bacteria free. If you’re looking into installing glass shower doors or glass showers in Alaska, in our opinion, ClearShield is definitely worth the cost. Talk to the team at Replacement Glass today to learn more.

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