Five Creative Uses for Glass

Five Creative Uses for Glass

July 25, 2017

For as long as it’s been around, craftsmen have used glass for standard practical purposes. On top of windows, it’s used for bottles, mirrors and doors. But recently, there’s been a movement to use glass for more creative purposes. People have realized that glass is a beautiful material and it should be employed more often, in place of more conventional materials. Our glass shop in Alaska is on the forefront of using glass for all sorts of creative reasons. Keep reading to learn more about what our professionals can do for you!

  • Glass whiteboards: One of the newest trends in the glass industry is using it in place of a run-of-the-mill whiteboard. Whiteboards are commonplace in conference rooms and classrooms across the country. The problem is that they’re dull! Choose to install a glass whiteboard to make your business or classroom stand out.
  • Banisters: Most people don’t think about the banister when they’re walking up a flight of stairs. That’s because they’re usually not very interesting! Unless it’s hand-carved, there’s nothing exciting or interesting about a wooden banister. Make your home or business stand out by installing a modern-looking glass banister. It’s sure to attract the eye and make everyone say “wow!”
  • Tabletops: Shopping for wooden furniture is usually fairly difficult. Choosing a wooden dining table or coffee table that’ll match all of the décor in your home can even seem downright impossible. Instead of going through that hassle, go with glass! Glass tabletops go with everything and are easier to clean than wood. Call a glass contractor in Alaska today to learn more about glass tabletops, and see how great one will look in your home!
  • Privacy: Frosted glass doors and windows provide all the privacy you need without sacrificing quality or appearance. Choose to install frosted glass windows and doors in an office conference room, or use them for shower doors. Employees at a glass shop in Alaska have virtually limitless ideas when it comes to using beautiful frosted glass.
  • Signs: Shop owners know how important it is to attract customers. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to do with so many competitors in the same field. Owners need to be on their toes when it comes to marketing and advertising, and they need to do whatever they can to get a leg up on the competition. One easy way a business can do that is to use glass in place of a standard sign for the front of their store. We’re not talking about a neon “open” sign, either—stores can etch their logo and name in glass and display it in front of their business. It’s a unique and attractive way to bring in shoppers.

If any of these creative ways to use glass tickles your fancy, speak to a glass contractor in Alaska today! Keep in mind that, at Replacement Glass, we actually do more than glass. Professionals at our glass shop in Alaska also have decades of experience crafting beautiful custom frames for windows, doors and mirrors. Call today to learn more!

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