Four Things to Know About Insulated Glass and Glass Replacement in Alaska

Four Things to Know About Insulated Glass and Glass Replacement in Alaska

August 25, 2017

Any experienced homeowner knows that there are several options to choose from when installing new glass in your window frames. One of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing between single-paned and insulated glass windows. While they may cost a bit more, most professionals agree that installing insulated glass windows is a much better option for you and your home. Unfortunately, insulated glass isn’t infallible. Insulated glass windows can fail over a period of time and necessitate glass repair or glass replacement in Alaska. Continue reading to learn more about insulated glass, the causes of its failure and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

What is insulated glass?

Single-paned glass windows are just that: a single pane of glass set inside a window frame. They work well enough to keep the wind and rain out of your house, but thankfully, times have changed, and we have better technology when it comes to windows. Insulated windows have two or more panes of glass, with a gas or air trapped in between the panes.

What are the benefits of insulated gas?

Choosing to install insulated glass windows can have a number of benefits for both your home and your wallet. First, insulated glass helps keep your home more comfortable all year long. The gas in between the two panes keeps cold (or hot) air out, and helps keep your heat (or air conditioning) in. If outside air is staying out and inside air is staying in, your energy bills are going to be lower each month. That’s good news! Nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg to keep their home at a comfortable temperature. While it’s a fantastic invention and has helped keep countless homes comfortable during cold and hot months, insulated glass is like regular glass and can require glass repair in Alaska.

Why does insulated glass fail?

Like everything in and around your home, insulated glass eventually stops working as well as it once did. Over time, the seal that keeps the gas in between the two panes can weaken and come apart altogether. At that point in time, your windows become less energy efficient, and more importantly, they begin to fog up. Water droplets from both inside and outside of your home get trapped in the gap between the panes and have nowhere to go.

What can be done to fix foggy windows?

You can clean your windows with a solution to your heart’s content, but if there’s moisture in your panes, there’s nothing you can do to make your windows clear again. When your windows get to the point where you can’t see through them, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a professional for glass replacement in Alaska. Although it may be a bummer to pay for replacement, it’s the only way to get your home looking and functioning properly again.

If your windows are foggy, or you’ve noticed other issues with your windows, give Replacement Glass a call. We have years of experience with both glass replacement and glass repair in Alaska!

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