What to Do About Your Foggy Windows

What to Do About Your Foggy Windows

October 10, 2017

If your home has insulated glass windows, you probably save a bundle on your heating and cooling bills each month. Insulated windows do wonders to keep inside air in and outside air out. That not only saves money—it also helps keep your home more comfortable all year long. The only downside of insulated windows is that they can fail after a while. When this happens, your windows can fog up and prevent you from seeing through them as clearly as you should.

Why do windows fog up?

Windows can fog up for two different reasons. The first reason isn’t all that serious, and is just part of life. The second reason, however, is a bigger issue, and may ultimately result in the need for window replacement in Alaska.

If you learned anything about condensation in science class, you probably know that windows get foggy when the inside air is a different temperature than the outside air. This temperature difference creates condensation (water droplets) on your glass. Thankfully, this type of window fog is just on the interior of your glass and can be wiped up easily. These interior droplets are also temporary and will just go away when inside and outside temperatures return to normal.

Insulated windows can also become permanently fogged up. The two (or three) panes of glass in your insulated windows are sealed, and when that seal breaks, the water droplets formed from condensation can get trapped between panes of glass. These droplets have nowhere to escape and cause your windows to look less attractive. You can clean your windows until your arm falls off from wiping and scrubbing, but your windows are still going to be foggy. If this happens to your windows, you’ll need the help of a professional.

What can be done about window fog?

You have two options when the seal between two panes of glass breaks and your windows are permanently foggy. You can call a professional to have your windows repaired, or you can have your windows replaced entirely. Both options will have your house looking good as new; it’s just a matter of personal preference between repair and replacement:

  • Repair: During repair, a crew of professionals will remove the damaged panes of glass from your window and fix the broken seals. Choosing to have your foggy windows repaired is the cheaper of the two options. It’s less expensive because it doesn’t take the crew as long to do, and it doesn’t necessitate buying brand new windows. While repair can save you some money up front, there’s also no guarantee that the new seal will last, and you may end up having to call a repairman sooner rather than later to have your windows fixed again.
  • Replacement: Choosing window replacement in Alaska is your second option if you want great-looking windows. Although replacing all of your damaged windows can be quite a bit more expensive, it’s a better option if you have a home with older windows. Brand new windows are guaranteed to look great and will last for a lot longer before they need to be repaired.

Whether you want your foggy windows to be repaired or replaced, Replacement Glass is the company you need to call. There’s no job too big or too small for our crew of experienced professionals to take on. Get in touch today to learn more!

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