Types of Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings

Types of Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings

November 7, 2018

The doorway to your commercial space ultimately says a lot about your business, and plays a substantial role in shaping the way that clients and customers think about your company. Investing in a quality glass door that reflects your company’s overarching aesthetic and ethos can go a long way toward helping you establish your company’s brand identity and connect with your customers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Additionally, investing in new glass commercial doors in Alaska can help you differentiate your business from the competition. Depending on the types of doors that you decide to purchase, they may also help you increase your energy savings, especially if you’re replacing an older, outdated type of glass door.

There are a number of different types of glass doors available that meet the needs of different types of businesses. Here are just some of the different glass doors that you can choose to use at your commercial space:

  • Aluminum storefront doors: Likely one of the most popular types of glass commercial doors in Alaska, aluminum storefront doors are durable and versatile. Ideally suited for high-traffic areas, aluminum storefront doors allow prospective customers and clients to see into your shop. Boasting a lightweight yet strong aluminum frame, they are frequently seen lining retail blocks throughout North America.
  • Revolving doors: Common in cold-weather climates, revolving doors are an environmentally conscious type of glass door that can help you reduce your company’s energy expenses and make the most of your heating efforts. Revolving doors also facilitate efficiency when getting into and out of buildings, improving the flow of traffic through your retail space.
  • Frameless doors: Mostly seen in modern-style office buildings and some retail spaces, frameless doors are a stylish alternative to traditional commercial entryways. Unfortunately, frameless doors are often less functional than other alternatives, and don’t do a great job of sealing out both drafts and moisture, making them a less than ideal choice for use in Alaska.
  • Automatic doors: Not only do automatic doors facilitate the flow of traffic through your store and reduce energy expenditures, they’re also very easy to manage—when necessary, you can simply lock the automatic mechanism, sealing the store off. Automatic doors are available in sliding, swinging and folding formats.
  • Balanced doors: Compared with many other types of commercial doors, balanced doors require much less space to install and operate. When opened, only two-thirds of the door swings, meaning that the door always stays within the parameters of its frame. This makes them ideal for use in older buildings and high-traffic areas. Balanced doors also require less force to operate, even in high-wind conditions.

Since 1970, Replacement Glass has been providing dependable commercial doors in Alaska. We offer a wide range of pre-fabricated and custom-built glass solutions designed to meet the needs of our local business community. We’re capable of installing commercial glass doors in Anchorage and beyond. To learn more about our wide range of services and products, contact one of our friendly representatives today. We look forward to assisting you!

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