Understanding Dogging Kits and Panic Devices

Understanding Dogging Kits and Panic Devices

January 7, 2019

Many commercial businesses protect themselves by installing exit devices on the doors that allow people to exit easily but not enter unwanted. These exit devices play an essential role for most businesses, but they can be cumbersome when you want a large number of people to be able to exit at once. They’re also an issue if you want to have an easy push/pull door function to allow people to move inside and outside of a particular room.

To fix this issue on commercial doors in Alaska, consider the use of a dogging kit. Dogging a door is a simple concept that allows you to keep the door’s latch retracted so people do not have to push on the exit bar to open the door. There are two main types of dogging kits: mechanical and electrical. Read on to learn about both!

Mechanical dogging

Mechanical dogging kits require that you use some sort of manual technique to hold the latch-bolt in its retracted position. Some work by way of a regular cylinder and cut key and others by way of a hex key. Both of them function similarly. Turning the key in the cylinder or hole while depressing the exit bar will let it remain engaged so people can use the door regularly.

One thing to consider is that the cylinder and cut key combination offer an extra level of security. Hex keys are all the same, so anyone could dog the exit door if they have an extra key. This could lead to a situation where someone is dogging the door without your permission.

Another issue is that fire exit doors cannot legally have any dogging kits applied to them. This fire code is put into place to protect people by having doors that self-latch so people can escape the area quickly.

Electrical dogging

Another option for dogging your exit devices is to install a system that allows you to remotely dog the doors via a motor or magnetic coil. One advantage to this system is that you can schedule the latch-bolt retraction. For example, if you would like your business doors dogged from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., it is easy to make this happen. Once you schedule it, the system will basically take care of itself.

You can also get around the fire door issue because you can program many electrical dogging kits to respond to the fire alarm system and immediately latch once the alarm sounds.

These two options might give you a lot to consider, and a door supplier in Alaska would be happy to help you learn more about each. If you’re in the market for new doors for your business, Replacement Glass should be your first call. Since 1970, our expert technicians have ensured customers are satisfied with our commercial glass and custom-built pieces.

On top of exit doors, Replacement Glass can help you with installing any other glass for your business and repairing whatever might need fixing. Call today to find out more about our prices and products!

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