Window Sash Repair

Window Sash Repair

January 21, 2019

You might think a window sash is related to curtains, given that the more common use of the term relates to something the next “Miss America” would wear. However, the other use of the word actually has to do with the windows themselves. The sashes on windows are what hold the glass in place. These very important pieces can be made of lots of materials (wood, vinyl, metal, etc.) and function in a variety of ways, depending on the design. Some are static, while others are able to move in and out or up and down.

If your sashes are broken or perhaps just old and rotting, you might want to seek window repair in Alaska to ensure your windows are functioning well again. There are a few key steps to removing and repairing sashes:

  • Remove the sashes: First you’ll need to remove the windows. Most sashes are attached to a pulley system that allows the windows to move up and down. You’ll need to unscrew the stops and detach the chains or cords that attach the sash to the window frame. Make sure to save all the hardware so you can find it easily when you go to reinstall the windows.
  • Separate the glass: Once you have the window down, you’ll need to separate the glass from the sashes. Use a heat gun to soften any putty around the edges, and then a putty knife to scrape it away so you can detach the glass. Label the glass so you know which direction it goes for reinstallation.
  • Rebuild or replace the sashes: Now that you have the sashes separated, you have two main options. You can simply save the glass and use it with new sashes, which could be a good choice if the original sashes are in rough shape. Otherwise, you can repair the sashes and rebuild them.
  • Replace and secure the glass: After you fix the sashes (or choose new ones), you’ll need to put the glass back in. First, you’ll need to use glazing compound to fill in the newly fixed and primed sashes, and then you’ll gently place the glass into the frame, adding new glazier’s points evenly around the glass. After this, you’ll put more glazing compound around the frame and use a putty knife to smooth the edge and create a bevel. The windows need to dry for a week before you paint them.
  • Rehang: The final step is to rehang the windows, using the hardware you set aside earlier in the process.

Window repair takes care and time, so you should leave it to the experts or possibly consider investing in window replacement in Alaska. If you have window sashes that aren’t in the best shape, leave it to the experts at Replacement Glass. We’re the region’s trusted leader for all your window-related needs.

Our staff have over 150 years of combined experience, and we are happy to ensure your windows are in tip-top shape for the new year. We offer outstanding products and top-notch service that keeps our loyal customers coming back. Call today for more information about our custom services!

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