Prevent Window Damage During Earthquakes with Security Film

Prevent Window Damage During Earthquakes with Security Film

February 28, 2019

Earthquake preparation is multifaceted. You need an evacuation plan, emergency supplies, a plan for communication and more. As you prep your home or business for the next quake, have you considered your windows? Your glass shop in Alaska has witnessed more than one shattered window after an earthquake.

How can you prevent this? Security film can help protect your glass and your property during an earthquake. Here’s how.

Shatter Resistance

Adding security film to a window makes it more shatter-resistant. The film strengthens the glass, making it less likely to break during a shake. While it does not guarantee that your window will remain in tact during an earthquake, it reduces the chances of shattering.

Injury Prevention

Have you ever tried to clean up and safely remove a broken window? After an earthquake, shattered windows can add risk of injury to an already traumatizing time. Glass shards can easily prove hazardous. If you prevent the glass from breaking by applying security film, you are also reducing the risk of injuries.

Damage Reduction

A shattered window can cause damage to other parts of the property. The break may destroy merchandise in a storefront. Shards may ruin window treatments or nearby carpeting or furniture in a home. After the break, the opening can allow wind, rain, snow and debris to enter the home. If a storm blows in after the earthquake, the property can suffer from additional damage as moisture and wind whip through the interior. By keeping the window intact with security film, you may save yourself or your business from additional cost and headaches.

Crime Deterrence

A shattered window provides an open door for vandals. Post-disaster crimes are fairly common. If your broken window is relatively large or faces a busy street, it may be inviting for those who are looking for criminal opportunities. A security film can hold the window in place, to keep your property off the radar of vandals and thieves.

Cost Shrinkage

Replacing a shattered window can be costly. Applying a security film to the glass can be much more cost effective. While the film requires some investment, it will be much cheaper than replacement of the entire window. Plus, you will not experience the hassle of cleaning up glass and arranging for new glass installation.

Easy Application

You might be surprised how simple it is to apply this effective protection to your glass. The security film can be applied to the glass after manufacturing and installation. The film features an adhesive coating that helps it bond to the pane. Modern options include smooth-coated films, which offer high-quality clarity.

Get More Tips

Your glass shop in Alaska can assist you with additional safety tips. If you’d like to learn more about security film options or other glass protection measures, contact the team at Replacement Glass. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for glass replacement since 1970. Our specialties include glass repair, service and installation of custom mirrors and tub and shower doors and more. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality service, every time. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule your next project.

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