Should I Repair or Replace Fogged Window Glass?

Should I Repair or Replace Fogged Window Glass?

February 14, 2019

Is your view looking a little cloudy? Fogged windows are a common problem. You’ve probably been through the same steps the rest of us have tried. You noticed a foggy patch, thought the window was dirty, tried to clean it, then realized that the fog is inside the glass. Does this mean you need window replacement in Alaska?

The problem is a broken seal. You may or may not want to invest in window replacement in Alaska. Here’s the scoop.

Why It’s Foggy

Most modern windows are made up of multiple panes of glass. Between the panes is a layer of clear, odorless gas. This design provides better insulation against outdoor temperatures. The challenge with this style of window is that the seal that keeps the gas in and moisture out of the window often fails. This allows moisture to gather between the panes, which results in foggy patches on the glass.

How to Fix the Fog

If you experience broken seals and foggy windows, you have several options. The first is simplest: do nothing. The window’s basic functions are not affected. The seal doesn’t generally affect how well the window insulates the home. You simply have to live with an obstructed view. If the patches are small, this might not be a big deal. However, if much of your view is covered in fog, or if multiple windows have broken seals, you might not want to put up with it and decide you want window replacement in Alaska.

Repairing the broken seal is an option. However, it’s usually not recommended. In order to repair the issue, the panes must be separated, cleaned and resealed. It is challenging to establish a new, tight seal, and the panes may have become etched from mineral deposits in the moisture. With so much work involved, it’s usually more cost effective to simply replace the window.

Replacement Options

If you choose window replacement in Alaska, you can opt for partial or full replacement.

Replacing the entire window will fix the problem, but this is the most expensive option, and it isn’t always necessary to get rid of the fog. If you replace the entire window, you can choose insert replacements, which involves reusing the trim, or a full tear-out, which requires replacing the window as well as all the trim. Of course, the first option is less expensive.

In some situations, you can replace the sash only. The sash is the removable, mobile part of the window. This is usually more affordable than replacing the entire window.

Another option is to replace the glass only. For this replacement, the existing panes are removed and replaced with new ones. No painting or staining is involved. This option is typically the most economical choice for window replacement in Alaska.

Clear the Fog

Are you tired of looking through fogged windows? To discuss your replacement options, contact the professionals at Replacement Glass. We are a full-service glass company offering a complete line of home and commercial glass for windows and doors, including specialty and custom-built applications. There’s no reason to sit in the fog. Contact our team today for better views tomorrow!

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