Window Trends for 2019: What You Should Know About Window Replacement in Alaska

Window Trends for 2019: What You Should Know About Window Replacement in Alaska

April 26, 2019

Window trends may not vary quite as widely or frequently as other types of architectural and construction trends, but there are some definite trends we see in the world of window replacement in Alaska.

What exactly can we expect out of windows in 2019 and the foreseeable future? Simply put, glass, glass and more glass. Read on to learn more about this trend!

More window, less frame

What we’ve already seen at the start of this year, and what we expect to see moving forward, is large window units with unobstructed viewing fields. The frames for these larger windows tend to be minimal, with colors in a darker hue. This goes along with the more modern trends we’ve been seeing in all kinds of interior design—cleaner, simple and not as much focus on overly ornate decoration.

Of course, these larger windows aren’t always easy to implement in existing structures. Because they’re so large, that means they’re likely to be inoperable. This means there’s a bit of give and take with homeowners—you get the larger windows you want, but there is also the fact that they’re not going to be able to open and shut, simply because of the heavier weight of the glass. For most people, this isn’t a problem, but it’s something to consider. Corner windows are also growing in popularity, going along with windows that cannot be opened, but people tend to like these larger, fixed windows that provide more light and visibility.

Along with the larger, inoperable windows is a growing trend of not using screens. Because people are opting for more glass but less functionality in some circumstances, there are also more people who are not using screens on their windows, and not even asking for them to put into storage in case they change their minds.

As we mentioned earlier, the trend with frames is that they are getting darker and darker. In the past, trends have included natural wood or painted white frames, but more than ever we’re seeing window frames that are thinner and painted with darker palettes. Black has been the most popular, offering a modern or even sort of industrial feel in some settings (depending on the décor and the architecture), but we’re also seeing more use of dark blues, greens, grays, browns, even some barn reds in some cases. Wood remains the most common substrate, but there are also painted metals. People tend to shy away from full-on metal as it can turn off some buyers, who are going to be more likely to tire of that appearance after a certain amount of time owning the home.

These are just some examples of the trends we’ve been seeing in the world of windows so far this year. Based on what we’ve seen, we predict the trend of “as much glass as possible” is going to be here to stay for some time, especially in new construction. For more information about your options when shopping for window replacement in Alaska, contact Replacement Glass today.

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