Common Window Terms to Know

Common Window Terms to Know

November 27, 2019

When you’re looking to replace your windows, learning about your options can seem like learning a new language. Isn’t it all just glass? How different could the various versions be? Once you understand the basic terms used in the business, you’ll be in a better position to make decisions for your own home. Whether you’re looking for tempered glass in Alaska or something else, Replacement Glass can help you find the perfect windows for your needs.

Here’s a glossary of many of the most common window terms you’ll encounter when you’re investigating new windows.

The window frame

The window frame is made out of five major parts:

  • Sill: The sill is the lowest part of the window frame—think of it as where many people put potted plants, or set pies to cool.
  • Jamb: The jamb (like a doorjamb) are the two vertical sides of the window frame.
  • Head: The head is the uppermost part of the window frame.
  • Apron: This is the decorative portion of the frame that goes over the sill, and comes in many styles.
  • Casing or trim: This is the part of the window that decoratively encloses any gaps between the jamb and the wall.

The window itself

  • Pane: This is a single sheet of glass.
  • Sash: These are the vertical or horizontal moving parts of a window.
  • Mullion: The mullion is either a horizontal or vertical piece that joins two windows together.
  • Check rail: On double-hung windows, this is the part where the upper window and the top sash of the lower portions meet.

The types of glass

  • Laminated: Laminated glass has an extremely strong vinyl layer in between two panes that fuses the glass together. If the glass is subject to some sort of strong impact, it shouldn’t shatter—and if it breaks, the glass will stay together instead of depositing shards all over.
  • Tempered: Tempered glass in Alaska is one of the most popular choices due to the fact that it works much the same as laminated glass but is even stronger.
  • Low-emissivity: Also called “low-e” or energy-efficient glass, this type of glass is coated to help keep your energy bills lower.

Do you have questions about window terminology and what kind of windows might be right for you? We can help. Picking out the right windows isn’t just a matter of style and price—it’s an investment that can help you save on energy bills and give your home a new level of functionality. Now that you know the basics of window construction, we can help you decide which kind of windows and glass will be the best option for your home or business.

Find high-quality tempered glass in Alaska

Since 1970, Replacement Glass has been providing the Anchorage area with fine glass and installation services. Whether you need residential or commercial glass, we can help you understand the products and pick out what will best suit your home. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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