Things You Need to Know About Windows

Things You Need to Know About Windows

April 16, 2020

They let natural light into our homes and brighten our rooms. They hold off the elements when a storm is raging its worst. They offer a glimpse of the world going on outside. They’re your windows, and they serve as your link to what’s going on out in the world. But there’s a lot you may not know about windows and window repair in Alaska.

Here are some of the most useful facts for homeowners:

  • The concept of windows in the home originated in ancient Rome.
  • Replacing single-pane windows with double-pane windows can save homeowners as much as $400 a year or more.
  • Some double-pane windows are filled with argon, a colorless, odorless gas that aids in insulation. This same argon gas helps prevent the buildup of condensation on your windows, as well.
  • It’s against the law to paint your windows shut.
  • A window’s U-factor rates its ability to control the flow of heat through the glass. A window with a U-factor of .25 is considered efficient.
  • Older windows can develop air leaks over time. If your windows are more than two decades old, rather than seeking window repair in Alaska, it may be better to have them completely replaced.
  • In modern times, vinyl windows have slowly started to replace other materials because they offer unobstructed views, they are more energy-efficient and they are more durable. That’s especially important in a home filled with rambunctious children.
  • Some windows tilt inward to help homeowners with cleaning.
  • Certain modern windows have been designed with sound suppression in mind. That is, they can substantially lower the amount of noise you hear from the outside world.
  • You’ve heard of double-pane windows, to be sure, but did you know there were triple-pane windows, too? These innovative windows are more energy-efficient than traditional alternatives. They’re more resistant to damage as well.
  • There’s more to detecting problems with your windows than just cracks and seals. The overall function is also a very important sign of your window’s health. If it won’t close correctly or if it gets stuck often, there could be a more significant issue with your window.

That’s just the beginning of the facts that could change the way you see your windows.

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