Why Storefront Glass Makes Your Business More Appealing

Why Storefront Glass Makes Your Business More Appealing

July 29, 2020

As a business owner, you should do everything in your power to make your store look as attractive as possible. There are many ways to go about this, like creating beautiful signage or investing in landscaping around your storefront. Another great way to put your company in a position to succeed is by upgrading your storefront glass. This post will cover all the advantages of storefront glass installation in Alaska.

Drives customer traffic

Studies show that customers are more likely to stop into a store if they can see what it offers from the outside. Apart from putting merchandise on the street, the best way to do that is to expand your windows! Large glass windows allow customers to get a good look at what’s in your store, enticing them to stop in and make a purchase.

Deters crime

If there are two things criminals hate, it’s being seen and getting caught. Expanding your storefront windows can deter would-be thieves because the windows make it easier for them to be seen, and thus get caught. Additionally, you can upgrade your glass so it’s scratch-resistant and shatterproof to prevent vandalism.

Increases building value

Commercial window installation in Alaska boosts the value of the building, which is excellent news for property owners. Property owners and landlords may be able to increase rent for the shops in the building, and they can expect to get a lot of money back if they ever sell the property. Upgrading to glass isn’t always cheap, but it pays off in the long run.

Improves energy efficiency

Even if your building already has storefront glass in Alaska, you might want to consider replacing it. Older glass is less energy efficient, allowing heat and conditioned air to escape while outside temperatures come in. Our professionals at Replacement Glass can fix that issue by installing energy-efficient glass. With new insulated windows or coating, you’ll see a drastic reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Increases employee productivity

Even if they don’t realize it, storefront glass makes your employees more productive. Subconsciously, they’re more likely to work harder because they know they’re being seen by people walking past the store. We’re not guaranteeing that adding commercial glass will solve all of your personnel issues, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Brings in natural light

Finally, large storefront windows allow tons of natural light to flood your store! Having more light inside can put shoppers in a better mood, thus improving their shopping experience. It stands to reason that if shoppers have a better time in your store, they’re more likely to make a big purchase. Again, adding or expanding your storefront glass can be a large investment, but over time, you’ll see that glass will pay for itself.

Call Replacement Glass today!

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your building with some new windows. Contact our team at Replacement Glass today to get started with commercial glass installation in Alaska! We offer the most competitive rates around for the highest-quality glass on the market.

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