12 Types of Bathroom and Shower Mirrors

12 Types of Bathroom and Shower Mirrors

September 18, 2020

Mirrors can be both functional and decorative—they’re an easy way to spruce up your bathroom and make the space look bigger. In fact, you might be surprised at how many options there are for bathroom and shower mirrors in Alaska. Here’s an overview of some popular types—if you see something you love, be sure to ask the team at Replacement Glass if we stock or can fabricate it for you.

When choosing a mirror, consider your design, where you’ll place it and what you plan to use it for. If you’re hanging a mirror over a vanity, you’ll want something large enough to see for grooming. If it’s purely decorative, you can opt for something smaller. In short, both form and function are important factors to consider:

  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors are a perennially popular choice, in large part due to the way different frames can completely transform the look.
  • Frameless mirrors: Frameless bathroom mirrors in Alaska are great for sleek, minimalist spaces. When large enough, they make the room look quite a bit bigger and “blend” into the wall.
  • Pivot mirrors: Pivot mirrors are very similar to framed mirrors, except they’re installed on hinges so you can angle the mirror toward you.
  • Captain’s mirrors: This type of mirror is usually round, and is hung on the wall from a strap.
  • Ledge mirrors: If your bathroom has a ledge on one or all of the walls, consider getting a framed ledge mirror to rest atop it.
  • Cabinet mirrors: This type of mirror serves as the door to hidden cabinets—it’s great for keeping stuff out of the way while performing its function as a grooming aid.
  • Sculptural mirrors: Sculptural mirrors are often framed, but the frames are anything but square. They’re a bold design choice that can quickly become the focal point of the whole room.
  • Double mirrors: If you have two sinks, consider installing two mirrors over them—it’s an eye-catching yet practical design choice.
  • Mirrored walls: Go big—why not have an entire mirrored wall in your bathroom? Not only will you never wonder what an outfit looks like from any angle, but you’ll also enjoy how it makes your bathroom look significantly bigger.
  • Venetian mirrors: These ultrafeminine bathroom mirrors in Alaska use etching to create a “frame” around the main portion of the mirror.
  • Lighted mirrors: Lighting is important in any bathroom—try a lighted mirror when your existing light fixtures aren’t quite doing the trick.
  • Extension mirrors: This type of mirror is also referred to as a swing-arm mirror, thanks to the extendable and adjustable arm that attaches to the wall. These are great for shaving or applying makeup—you won’t need to lean close to a larger mirror to get a good look.

When you’re looking for bathroom and shower mirrors in Alaska, let the team at Replacement Glass help you find the perfect options for your needs and your space. Call or stop by today to get started with an initial consultation.

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