Five Signs of Window Seal Failure

Five Signs of Window Seal Failure

December 10, 2020

Window seals ensure an airtight barrier around the perimeter of your window glass. Whether you enjoy double- or triple-pane windows, good seals are necessary for energy efficiency and indoor air quality. If you suffer a broken window seal in your Alaska home, you will notice decreased home comfort, which will continue unless you address the cause. Here are five signs of window seal failure to act on when you see them:

  • Constant dirt: Windows should appear clear and clean when you finish washing them. If that is not the case, then dirt penetrates your window seals and stains the insides of the panes, where you cannot access. Without working seals, dust blown in by wind and insects grinds its way through your windows and make themselves at home on the inner window panes. This invasion creates the appearance of windows that can never be clean. Your best course of action is to arrange for new seals and cleaning of all your window panes.
  • Condensation: Seals act as a thermal barrier between the inside and outside of your home. This effect reduces heat transfer that can lead to condensation on your windows’ interior. When seals break, they expose windows directly to humidity and temperature fluctuations, leading to condensation. You will notice this development most prominently during extreme temperature swings. Condensation ranges from fog or frost to water droplets, and it all suggests a window seal failure.
  • Distorted window panes: Unless your older home contains its original 19th-century hand-formed windows, you should not see distortions when you look outside. When broken seals allow the buildup of inert gas or vacuum pockets, it slowly distorts the glass. You may notice a wavy effect or find your view simply looks much different. Depending on the extent of the damage, the repair involves resealing windows and replacing the glass.
  • Drafts: Alaska weather is all about extremes. Cold winters make window seals vital, and if they fail, you will notice it. If you avoid sitting near windows or cannot maintain even heat through your home, it’s likely due to your windows letting the cold temperatures indoors. Once you eliminate any furnace issues, check your windows for other signs of failure. It may be time to call a glass contractor and fix them before you face rising heating bills with that uncomfortable home.
  • High utility bills: Even if you ignore the other signs, you will see them for sure in your utility bills. Drafts and leaks place more demand on your HVAC system, and that uses more gas and electricity. Eventually, you will notice higher-than-usual utility bills. Windows go beyond providing a view of the world—they also play a role in energy efficiency. Arrange for repair today so you’ll enjoy utility cost savings in the long run. Otherwise, you are due for an uncomfortable and expensive winter.

Replacement Glass repairs residential window seal failure throughout Alaska. Winter offers enough challenges without adding a cold house and failing windows into the mix! Call us today if you suspect a broken window seal in your home.

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