Fix Window Seals Before You Sell!

Fix Window Seals Before You Sell!

December 24, 2020

The home inspection is a critical step to selling real estate. It may reveal less appealing elements of your home, and one of those includes broken window seals. Window seal failure in Alaska creates challenges that prospective buyers might not wish to take on. If you want your home to sell quickly for your asking price, your best course of action is to fix the seals before you list. Here are five ways window seals can affect your home sale:

  • Aesthetics: Broken window seals trap dirt and fog. Windows appear poorly maintained, and moisture affects the view. Buyers may see this as a maintenance or hygiene issue, depending on their priorities. The best way to avoid this poor first impression is to ensure your seals work before you list. That way, you do not have to worry about unsightly fog or dirt tarnishing your buyer’s impressions.
  • The impression of structural issues: The truth of the matter is that broken window seals do not affect the home’s structure. There are many reasons for window seal failure, including age, pressure changes or the home settling. None of these affects structural integrity. But buyers may have that impression and use it against you. Window leaks create drafts and trap water, which can lead to mold. Buyers may not want to handle issues like this and jump to the conclusion that your home is poorly maintained.
  • Maintenance issues: When buyers look at houses, they do not want to purchase someone else’s problem. Even if your windows remain under warranty and window seal repairs are easy, buyers may perceive it as one more thing they’ll have to take on when they buy your house. This outcome is especially relevant if your home faces other challenges, like an unfinished basement or a kitchen that best belongs in 1987. While many buyers relish the thought of a fixer-upper, they prefer to keep that to cosmetic issues. You will appeal to them more if you offer quality windows with your rehabilitation project.
  • Home efficiency: Upgraded windows are a hot item these days when consumers value energy efficiency. When windows fog or create drafts, it communicates to buyers that your windows are old and likely lead to high utility bills. Windows provide a view, but they are also the barrier between your home’s interior and extreme weather elements outside. If your older windows have compromised seals and low efficiency ratings, consider adjusting the price to accommodate upgrades, or fix the seals before you list your house.
  • Warranties: When windows appear out of date, buyers may assume there is no warranty to cover seal failure. If poor installation by a contractor or other issues ruins your windows’ appearance, keep warranty information handy, so either you or the buyers can use it to replace the windows. This step may turn a deal-breaker into a successful negotiating point.

Replacement Glass is your residential glass expert in Alaska. Broken window seals affect home comfort, and that can backfire when you’re trying to sell your house. Call us today if you suspect window seal failure anywhere in your home.

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