Avoid Abrasive Cleaners When Cleaning Shower Doors

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners When Cleaning Shower Doors

January 11, 2021

Shower doors are a luxury investment in any bathroom. They not only raise the appeal of the space, but they can also help it look bigger and feel more inviting. Picture your bathroom—would you rather roll back glass doors before stepping into your morning shower or pull aside a ragged curtain? The choice is clear to many homeowners in Alaska.

But shower doors come at a cost and require more upkeep than a shower curtain you can throw away and replace with relative ease. The best way to get clean glass shower doors while maintaining the integrity of your investment is as easy as avoiding abrasive cleaners.

What’s wrong with abrasives?

If you’ve ever cleaned a bathroom, you know how much elbow grease goes into the job. You can easily find yourself on your hands and knees, scrubbing tile and grout with chemicals and a Brillo pad, or scrubbing feverishly at hard water spots in the tub. The problem with these abrasives is that they tend to do microscopic damage to the surfaces they’re used on. You might not see the damage for years down the road.

Use an abrasive cleaner on your shower doors, however, and you’ll instantly see the damage. Depending on what you use, the damage can manifest in a number of different ways:

  • Scratches and blemishes on the glass
  • Permanent fogging or marring
  • Compromised molecular structure of glass

There are even more types of abrasive damages to be concerned with if you have frameless shower doors, such as rusting of important hinges and anchors.

When it comes down to it, abrasive cleaners might make your bathroom look and feel sterile and clean, but they’re doing irreparable harm to your surfaces—namely your glass shower doors.

How to clean your shower

Avoiding abrasive cleaners doesn’t mean there aren’t other effective methods available to clean glass shower doors. In fact, not using abrasives can actually lead to easier cleaning!

The first and best way to care for your shower doors is to dry towel them down after every shower. Not allowing water to dry and leave behind water spots eliminates the need for heavy scrubbing. Flip the fan on in your bathroom and take a minute or two to wipe down your doors.

If you have hard water, like many of us here in Alaska do, you might be wondering how to clean your shower if there’s buildups and calcification. Your best bet is a solution of warm water and a mild detergent, mixed at a strength of 3:1. Use a microfiber cloth to soak in the detergent solution and scrub doors gently in a circular motion. This will remove water spots and debris, while keeping shower glass protected and safe.

Keep your investment in great condition

There’s nothing like the look of attractive shower doors in your bathroom, but that aesthetic is quickly dampened if your doors have scratches, blemishes or hard water marks etched into them. Treat your doors to a daily wipe-down or a gentle weekly cleaning that’s free of abrasives to keep them looking sophisticated and beautiful. For more information about caring for and cleaning your glass shower doors in Alaska, contact Replacement Glass today.

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