Why Your Business Should Install a Door Access Control

Why Your Business Should Install a Door Access Control

January 25, 2021

There’s no shortage of security concerns for Alaska business owners. Everything from vandalism to theft to altercations comes with its own legal liabilities—not to mention the harm it brings to your reputation and the morale of your staff. Thankfully, simple investments go a long way in preventing these problems and many others. Let’s look at the benefits of a door access control installation, for example.

What is door access control?

Instead of a traditional lock and key, door access control systems use state-of-the-art technology to grant access to people who need it, while keeping entryways secure against unwanted access. Think about a door keypad with a code or a badging system with a card that grants access. Biometrics like thumbprints are also a form of access control.

Reasons to install an access control system

Door access control installations generally come at a higher cost than a traditional lock and key, but that cost is easily repaid in the benefits offered by these systems. Here are just four of the reasons every business should think about installing an access control system:

  • Preventing unwanted access: The obvious benefit of an access control system is that it does a better job of protecting against unwanted access over a traditional door lock or even a deadbolt. These high security locks can’t be picked or forced, making them an instant deterrent to trespassers. They also come equipped with manual access overrides, in the event of power outages.
  • Keeping a record of access: Most modern access control systems are tied to a central control system, which means they keep a record of when the door was accessed and by whom (code or pass key). This is an important step in providing around-the-clock security and for bringing accountability to anyone with access credentials.
  • Easy employee access control: For businesses with different access tiers or employee turnover, access control programming is worlds easier than cutting new keys for every new employee or permission. You can easily change, add or revoke permissions for every employee in minutes, saving you the cost of key cutting or rekeying.
  • Simplified access throughout facilities: You know how difficult it can be to unlock a door with your hands full or go fishing for a key on a cold Alaskan day. Access control is quicker and simpler, getting people on the right side of the door in seconds, without interrupting them—all while maintaining door security.

There are even more reasons to install an access control system—many of them focus on convenience and the flexibility of being able to program door locks. Whether you opt for a keypad system, keycard swiping system or even a biometric lock, it becomes immediately worth the investment when you consider all these benefits.

Access control solutions for every business

Whether you have one door or dozens of protected areas in your facilities, a door access control installation is a smart investment for any Alaska business. The benefits will pay for themselves and you’ll experience a new level of security thanks to these next-generation locking solutions.

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