How Plexiglass Barriers Are Used for COVID-19 Protection

How Plexiglass Barriers Are Used for COVID-19 Protection

February 5, 2021

Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started, you’ve likely noticed that many Alaska businesses now utilize plexiglass barriers and plexiglass shields. These types of barriers are now common in gas stations, restaurants, small businesses and more. However, you may be wondering how these plexiglass barriers protect people from spreading coronavirus.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends plexiglass shields, you can be sure that they will be helpful in stopping the spread of coronavirus, though they aren’t infallible. For more information on plexiglass barriers in Alaska and their usefulness, read on.

How effective is plexiglass against COVID-19 spread?

Plexiglass shields provide a thin, clear layer of material between the person behind a counter and whomever they are talking to. These barriers are see-through and allow both parties to hear each other when talking. As for their effectiveness, plexiglass barriers can prevent respiratory droplets from traveling between two people.

For example, if someone coughs towards the glass, most of those droplets may hit the glass instead of reaching the other person. Additionally, plexiglass barriers may be able to help stop the spread of other viruses, including the flu. They are also quite easy to clean!

Are plexiglass barriers enough to completely avoid COVID-19 spread?

While plenty of strides have been made towards understanding the novel coronavirus, we don’t know everything. Plexiglass shields can be quite effective at stopping the spread of the coronavirus, but it is also important to follow all other precautions provided by the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Even after someone coughs or sneezes, it is possible that those droplets will hang in the air. In that case, a plexiglass barrier may not be enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Smaller droplets may have an easier time avoiding a plexiglass barrier than large ones, but that hasn’t been proven.

Other precautions that should be practiced include social distancing and wearing a mask. Either way, a plexiglass barrier is another layer of protection that can aid in the prevention of exposure to this deadly virus.

Maintaining and cleaning plexiglass barriers

One of the best things about plexiglass barriers is that they are so easy to clean and maintain! You can clean them as often as you want by easily spraying them with disinfectant and wiping them clean. The plexiglass should be cleaned frequently and at your discretion.

How much does plexiglass installation cost?

Plexiglass installation costs can vary greatly depending on many factors, including where it is being installed and how much plexiglass you need. Some businesses only require a few feet of plexiglass over their counter, while others prefer that a whole side of the building is blocked off. Restaurants and bars, in some cases, may even want plexiglass around each table.

It is also important to make sure that your plexiglass barrier is free of any cracks or abrasions. A glass repair company should easily be able to fix any problems with your plexiglass barrier. At Replacement Glass, we offer 24/7 glass repairs to businesses and residential customers in Alaska.

If you are interested in having a plexiglass barrier installed at your Alaska business, then contact Replacement Glass to speak with a helpful expert today.

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