Can You Replace the Glass in a Shower Door?

Can You Replace the Glass in a Shower Door?

March 3, 2021

Glass shower doors are a great way to bring more light into your shower and to visually expand the size of your bathroom. They can also highlight beautiful tile and shower designs that would otherwise be hidden behind a shower curtain. Even if you love your glass shower door and think it’s the best design choice, it might still need replacement or updating eventually.

Whether you need a shower door replacement due to damage or just want a little visual update, here are some things to think about before committing to glass shower door replacement for your Anchorage, AK, area home.

Will cleaning fix the problem?

If your shower door has been around for many years, chances are it has at least some buildup of soap and hard water affecting its looks and its function. While it may seem easier just to get rid of an old door that’s in bad shape than to deal with fixing it, sometimes a glass shower door replacement is overkill and all it needs is a good cleaning.

If you have trouble moving a sliding glass door, there may simply be soap and hard water buildup clogging the track. The same goes for hinged doors—if you have trouble swinging open a door, check to make sure you don’t just need to clean the hinges. Try an ammonia-based cleaner to remove buildup and rust before giving up on a glass shower door.

If your glass shower door breaks

Most glass shower doors are made with tempered glass, which means they are much stronger and can stand up to some impacts. However, tempered glass is still vulnerable to side impacts. While you haven’t probably ever dropped your glass shower door on its side, you have probably treated it to some side impacts during everyday use. Sometimes jostling your door or slamming it shut every once in a while can cause minor fractures in the glass that you may not notice, but will add up. Occasionally a tempered glass door will even shatter seemingly spontaneously due to too many of these minor impacts.

Luckily, tempered glass is designed to break safely. Like the glass in your windshield or on your smartphone, shower door glass is made to break into small, dull pieces instead of larger shards that could be much more dangerous. If your shower door breaks while you’re using the shower, lay a towel down over the glass so you can safely avoid stepping on any pieces.

Rely on the professionals

If your glass shower door is broken, cracked or water damaged beyond repair, it is time to call in a local glass professional. Glass shower door replacement can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to preserve an old frame. The experts at Replacement Glass in Anchorage, AK can help you safely, efficiently and affordably get the glass shower door replacement you need using manufacturer-approved parts. Dealing with household glass like shower doors is not the time to do-it-yourself. Contact Replacement Glass today to schedule an appointment!

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