Are Frameless Shower Doors Better Than Framed?

Are Frameless Shower Doors Better Than Framed?

November 1, 2021

Let’s face it: Everyone loves a nice, hot shower. It’s the best way to start your day—or to escape from the world after a difficult day. Since the bathroom gets more use than just about anywhere in the house, it’s one area homeowners look to first when it comes to remodeling.

This is because the investment in a bathroom remodel will pay off now—when you’re using the home—and in the future when you decide to sell the home. If you’re looking to redo your shower, you may be thinking about the benefits of framed vs. frameless shower doors. Read on to find out if frameless shower doors are better for your home.

Primary difference

The main difference between framed vs. frameless shower doors is the thickness of the glass. Frameless doors became popular around a decade ago, when heavy glass became more readily available. That’s because these doors require heavier, thicker glass to stand without flexing and breaking. They don’t require a frame around them to maintain support.

The thicker glass results in a sleeker look that requires less hardware. Many homeowners love this look, which is why frameless shower doors quickly became on trend.


One thing you’ll want to consider first is your budget when deciding what kind of shower door you want for your new bathroom. There can be a significant difference in cost between framed and frameless shower doors. In general, you should expect to pay more for a frameless shower door.

That said, prices vary widely depending on the quality of the glass used, the height of the shower door and other factors. Plus, many homeowners find the additional investment in a frameless door is worth it because they enjoy the aesthetic.


One of the primary benefits of frameless shower doors is that they’re easier to clean. You don’t have to deal with tracks or frames, where soap scum and gunk are likely to cling to. If cleaning the shower doors is one headache you’d like to avoid, you may want to pay up for a frameless model.


Here’s one point that goes to framed shower doors. These require less time and less labor to install than their frameless counterparts. That’s because framed shower doors are fit into tracks and are lighter than frameless doors.

Style and aesthetics

As mentioned, many people simply prefer the look and therefore believe that frameless shower doors are better. You also have access to a wider range of styles and configurations, as framed shower doors must swing open.

If you’re remodeling a less-used bathroom, you may want to stick with a traditional framed shower door. But if it’s a master bathroom, why not splurge and go for that frameless shower door instead? It’s the best choice if you want to update and impress, as luxury showers are becoming trendier.

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