Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Glass

Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Glass

December 22, 2021

Looking for the perfect glass for your storefront? Having a hard time choosing between multiple great options? When it comes to choosing commercial glass, making a decision can seem intense. You want to go with something durable and good looking while sticking to your budget.

Making a decision is much less difficult when you know what to look for—that’s why we’re providing several commercial glass tips to make the right choice for your business. Take a look!

Consider durability and safety

One of the first things every business owner should consider when looking for a glass storefront is durability. You don’t want to choose glass that’s fragile, as this will make it easy to break into your business.

Even if you have a good alarm system in place, having to replace your glass storefront can be a major pain. Plus, you’ll have to deal with losses due to stolen merchandise.

Fragile glass presents a safety hazard for your customers and employees, as accidents can always occur. Security glass and tempered glass are both excellent options when it comes to durability and safety. Neither type of glass shatters into sharp pieces when broken.

Privacy is important

Privacy isn’t important for all types of businesses. Most retail businesses, for example, would rather customers be able to see inside their stores. If this is the case with your business, invest in clear glass. Clear glass also allows more light into a business, creating a welcoming environment.

Businesses like spas and medical offices, on the other hand, often prefer a level of privacy. If you and your customers prefer a more private setting, consider frosted or tinted glass. This type of glass looks great and prevents passersby from seeing what’s going on inside.

Create a unique glass storefront

There are plenty of glass storefront options for those wanting to stick out from the crowd. For example, a stained glass storefront looks elegant and allows store owners to create their own creative designs. When creating a stained glass storefront, you can choose from a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes.

Another great option for those wanting something unique is etched glass. Have a professional etch a beautiful design or words into your frosted glass storefront. Some business owners choose to have etched glass featuring their business’s logo.

Work with the right commercial glass company

No matter what type of glass you want for your business, it’s important to work with the right provider. A good commercial glass company should have years of experience and offer fair prices on top-quality products. Be sure to ask for an estimate before having your glass storefront installed. It’s also a good idea to check company reviews and look for hidden fees in your contract.

Follow the tips mentioned above, and you’re sure to find the right commercial glass for your storefront. If you’re in need of commercial glass installations, repairs or replacements, contact the experts at Replacement Glass. We offer a variety of custom glass solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

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