Should a Glass Shower Door Swing In or Out?

Should a Glass Shower Door Swing In or Out?

March 14, 2022

Have you decided to remodel your bathroom? Whether it is outdated or you are just ready for a change, a bathroom renovation can add value to your home and allow you a chance to share your personality.

Now, if you have decided to install your dream shower, you will want to choose the right door for it. You may also be wondering, "Which way should a shower door open?" Some people try to save space by opting for a swing-in glass shower door. However, you may prefer an outward swinging door. Below, we are going to dive into some pros and cons to help you make a well-informed decision and answer the question, “What direction should a shower door swing?”

Rules for Shower Doors Swinging Inward

By coding laws, a hinged shower door should always open outward and not inward. The reason for this is safety. For instance, if you fell while in the shower and needed assistance, a person from the outside could not reach you because the door swings inward and you are blocking it.

If an inward swinging shower door is what you’re looking for, then it must also be able to swing outward or also have an outward swinging door.

Cons of a Glass Shower Door Swinging In

There are several reasons why an inward swinging door in the shower simply does not work. Aside from the safety issue mentioned above, there is a space issue. Doors that swing inward will require a larger shower and may be blocked by the showerhead. It can also increase the risk of slipping and falling.

Pros and Cons of a Glass Shower Door Swinging Out

With an outward swinging door, it makes it easier to enter and exit the shower space. No additional space inside the shower is taken up by the door. In addition, if you fall while in the shower and need help, someone can easily get to you. Maintenance is easier since you don’t need to step inside of the shower to clean or repair the door.

However, an outward swinging door means that water may get on the floor when you open the door after taking a shower. A shower drip rail can help with this, though. A shower door that swings out also takes up space inside the bathroom itself, as the door must have sufficient clearance at all times to open and close. This can be difficult if you have a small space.

So, What Direction Should a Shower Door Swing?

In the end, it all comes down to preference and space. In some instances, when you ask yourself, "Which way should a shower door open?" the answer is neither in nor out. For some, a sliding glass door is best. For more information about your glass shower door and installation, contact us today.

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