How to Keep Your Window's Glass Crack From Spreading

How to Keep Your Window’s Glass Crack From Spreading

April 18, 2022

Small cracks in your windows might not seem major, but they can spread if you don’t address them. The challenge is determining whether to hire a professional or try to address the problem yourself. Learn ways to fix window cracks from getting worse. 

What Causes Cracks to Spread?

Many factors can cause the small crack in your window to spread. Very hot or cold temperatures throughout the window can cause spreading, as can other objects hitting the window. Cracks weaken the overall structure of the window and can cause further damage. Car windows that jostle or hit bumps are susceptible to the crack spreading.

How to Prevent Glass Cracks from Spreading

Quick Fixes 

There are different ways to help slow the spread of the crack until a more permanent solution is available. Clean the crack thoroughly with rubbing alcohol, and put a piece of tape over it. You can also use fingernail polish over the crack. 

Permanent Fixes 

Any crack less than one foot in length and chips less than a quarter in diameter can be repaired. A professional can tackle the job, or you can buy a windshield repair kit. However, home repair kits need to be followed precisely to work. Any temporary fixes like tape or nail polish need to be scraped out. Also, the crack needs to get filled entirely to work. You should continue to monitor the crack to ensure the repair worked. 

Larger Cracks and Chips

All cracked glass will eventually require replacement. Temporary solutions are just buying time before the inevitable. Any cracks longer than one foot will not be able to be repaired, and the entire pane of glass must be fixed. You can also contact a traveling repair company to come to your area if the crack is obstructing your view. 

What You Need to Know About Cracked Glass

  • Cracked glass will eventually need to be repaired for safety reasons. 
  • You risk getting a ticket if you drive with a damaged windshield.
  • It’s best to consult an expert to replace broken glass since it poses a threat to safety. 

There are certain things to look out for that indicate it is time to replace the cracked glass. They include:

  • Any broken glass that is no longer encased in the frame.
  • Broken glass that creates a safety hazard needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Any cracked glass that breaks the seal on a double-pane window needs to be replaced.

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