Are Egress Windows Safe?

Are Egress Windows Safe?

May 6, 2022

A fire is something that no one ever wants to face. That being said, sometimes fire is something that we simply cannot avoid. If you have a home or a building that is lacking windows, adding egress windows might be just what you need to up the safety factor of your home or building.

What Are Egress Windows?

There is a standard that each home or building must be kept to in regards to how many windows must be in a home or other building. Fire codes state that there must be ample means of egress so that if there is a fire, everyone has the ability and the opportunity to get out of the building. Egress windows are not like normal windows.

An egress window is one that opens up fully. This means that it either swings out or in, but that the entire window comes out of the frame to create a large enough hole that a person can easily leave by that window should the home or other building catch fire and the doors are blocked. An egress window is much easier to leave a home or other building through than a standard window.

Are Egress Windows Safe? Will Egress Windows Make My Home Safer?

Egress windows are very safe. They are designed to be as safe as possible and to be easy to use as well. If they are used properly, egress windows can provide you and your family with a means of leaving your home if there is a fire and you cannot get to the door. Egress windows are not required in homes when they are built, but, if you are able to add egress windows to your home, they can up the safety of your home substantially.

Egress windows can be added to a home in existing window frames. The biggest issue with egress windows is if you have a child, for instance, that knows how to open them, then they may use the window to get out of the house. If you are paying attention, however, you should be able to keep them from bothering the window.

Egress windows are a great option if you are worried that you might get trapped in a home with a fire. They are especially great for those that have very large homes or that have bedrooms that are very far from the doors and therefore far from conventional means of escape in case of fire. You can get egress windows that help make it easy to get kids out of bedrooms. They also make it easier to get older family members out if you cannot get to the door. They help give you and your family a much higher chance of escape if there is a fire and if you are in trouble and need to get out quickly.  

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