The Different Types of Glass Shower Doors

The Different Types of Glass Shower Doors

June 3, 2022

Updating a bathroom can be an exciting project. Perhaps you are preparing your home to sell, or you simply want a fresh new look for yourself. Either way, replacing shower doors is one small change that can make a big difference. There are so many different types of shower doors and glass available that you might find it a bit overwhelming. You may be wondering what are the different types of glass shower doors. Here is a little run down of some great shower door options to spruce up your bathroom.


A bypass door or a sliding shower door is a great way to update your bathroom. Sliding doors have been around for quite some time, and there is a reason why they continue to endure as a bathroom shower choice. Sliding doors take up less space. This option also works really well for a bathtub shower combo.


Some homeowners do not love the tracks that sliding doors require. There are trackless options as well. A swinging shower door does not require any type of track. A swinging door can either function on a pivot or a hinge.

A pivot door will rest on a hinge that is floor-mounted. The allure of this type of door is that it can swing both inward and outward.

A hinged door will function more traditionally with a hinge mounted to the wall. This type of shower door will only swing in one direction.


Some showers are located in tight spaces such as corners, and a little creativity is needed for shower door choice. The neo-angle door could work in this situation. A neo-angle door will cut across a 90-degree angle.


Bi-fold doors are sometimes referred to as bath screens, and they will be made of several glass panels. These are similar to bi-fold or tri-fold closet doors. The door will fold out on hinges. These come in handy for small bathrooms where space is limited and swinging doors may cause an issue.

Steam Shower

Steam doors are specially designed so that a shower can also be turned into a steam room. A steam door will create a seal from top to bottom of the shower stall to keep the steam trapped in the shower with you. There are also movable panels included so that ventilation is possible when desired.


Curved shower doors create a beautiful effect in the bathroom. They are fitted onto rounded shower tracks. Some curved doors may sit flush with the floor, though. These work well for corner showers. Many people also feel that curved shower doors are easier to clean.


If you are looking for options that have a strong aesthetic appeal, frameless doors may work for you. Frameless doors are a great option if you have tile work you want to showcase. A frameless door will be understated so that other aspects of your bathroom can really stand out instead.

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